High-Quality Translation Service Guaranteed With Keego!

Being a bilinguist is a rare trait. If you are one, then you should be flattered as not many people in the world can speak more than just one language. Wondering how this attribute will come in handy? Well the beautiful truth is that the world is in a dire need for translators, and if you happen to know more than one language then you are sort of in demand.

To all such folks out there, we introduce you to Keego. This is a new platform in town that connects translators with clients. This New York City-based company is rumored to have more than 1,400 translators. So if you are someone with extraordinary bilingual skills then this is your cue to monetize on it.

Also, for those seeking translation services, do make it a point to check Keego. This is because unlike any other site, it offers many kickass features like certified translation for immigrationbusiness documents translation and website translation.

High-Quality Translation Service Guaranteed With Keego!

Meet The Masterminds That Run The Show!

Ideated and co-founded by Rodrigo Galindez, Gonzalo Casas and Valentina Farallo, Keego is your go-to platform when you are in need of a translation or when you are want to be a translator.

It all started a year ago when Rodrigo was applying for a UK visa. He needed to translate several certificates from Spanish to English. He could not find anyone who could offer him a fast, affordable service. So Rodrigo decided to translate it himself!

“I started thinking that, like me; there are millions of bilinguals across the Globe. These individuals are able to translate (at least a certain type of documents) and yet they do not do it. I wanted to make them able to help the whole population to tear down the obstacles caused by the language barriers… and why not? Get paid for it!” further adds Rodrigo.

Know The App Better!

Keego started as a platform where translators from all over the world could meet their clients and directly interact with them. It then evolved to be a Saas – still on the works – where startups and growing companies will be able to avoid the headache of having to translate their contents scattered all over.

For instance any startup that uses GitHub as their repository, MailChimp for their email campaigns, WordPress for their website or Google Docs for their internal use, Keego wants to put all these different platforms under one umbrella so that users no longer need to navigate across them all in order to send the text to their translation providers.

High-Quality Translation Service Guaranteed With Keego!

On Road Blocks & Contenders!

“Having to refuse a well paid permanent position in some big company in order to keep working for your own “baby”, penniless and uncertain, is certainly tough but it is the most rewarding feeling too!” says the team.

In terms of competition, traditional agencies that have been around for forever, pose as Keego’s potential contenders.

On Expansion Plans, Intended Users & More!

The aim of the team is to have Keego solve the communication problems of any company that needs to expand into new markets in the next 5 years. At the moment, the tool is mainly targeted at startups from all around the world.

In addition, every products needs to generate revenue for its sustenance. Currently, the team is operating on a monetizing model that charges a customer per word.

To sum up things perfectly, if you have some document to translate, then Keego is your go-to tool. Get things translated in no time!!

Special Offer for Our Readers!

The team of Keego was kind enough to give our readers a $10 discount on their first translation project with the tool.

To know more details, do visit: www.keego.co

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