Local classifieds search engine Adswish eyes expansion at a rapid pace.

The global classifieds industry has been seeing a steady growth across a lot of countries, the trends in investments show that investors are looking at it as a serious business, ranging from selling a phone to a house, a lot of adopters have been quite comfortable treating it as a reliable option. This also led to the crowding of the local classifieds space. Local web service have come up to a mainstream business such as online shopping, virtual assistant finding, areas, lots of services etc. These services have lots of advantage to be proved the major reasons for this boom.

Earlier, to find a buyer / seller a person would have to search for them tirelessly, often in vain. Now the ease of use, Classified tend to act as a common connect between both parties. With the convenience it provides, people are getting accustomed to it. With a few clicks and after browsing through the available catalogue, You can finish buying or selling products like ranging from an e-book or buy physical products like Laptops or shoes from the comfort of your home within a few days. All thanks to the classifieds.

With the growth of Classifieds, other services which are dependant on it are also scaling rapidly. Services like Product delivery, packaging, warehousing etc. According to Thomson Reuters’ SmartEstimates, which place an emphasis on recent forecasts by top-rated analysts, Net income of Blue Dart Express and Transport Corp is expected to jump by 37 percent and 24 percent in this fiscal year respectively.

Ilan Alon, founded Adswish to help find products across classifieds platforms across the globe. From Los Angeleges he moved to Brussels, where he managed financial portfolios, then moved back to Los Angeles 6 months ago and since then has devoted his efforts to create adswish

How does Adswish help?

Though the classified space is a boon, the crowding of e-commerce and classified space has proved to be a hinderance to an average user who has to find what he wants. With different pricing and differential availability across all these platforms you may miss out something you want that isn’t available on one platform and available on another. Adswish is a classifieds search engine that filters out all the noise and brings in front the necessary product you want after combing through various media outlets.

For example, if you would want to find a Limited collector’s edition of Godfather’s DVD set, your most common practise would be to search it on some of the popular classifieds site in your region / country. If you find it, that’s good. But what if you didn’t and what if there was a classifieds platform where someone else was selling it half way across the world. There wouldn’t be any means of finding it without a common connector. That’s where Adswish comes into play. It searches and aggregates all the listings from across classifieds platforms to show the relevant results even if it is half way across the world.

Some of the classifieds that Adswish searches are OLX, Quikr,  & OLX, Kijiji-United States etc.

Due to the growing popularity of classifieds services around the world, Adswish plans to expand and test new waters in other countries. Would you try their service?