Looking For Gamers: A Matchmaking Platform For Gaming Enthusiasts

The gaming community is just getting bigger and crazier. However, one problem millions of gamers around the globe face is the lack of means to connect with one another to play a game together.

To solve this very ordeal there is a new online application called Looking for Gamers in town. With this app gamers finally have that much needed platform where they can connect and find gamers of mutual interests.

Looking For Gamers: A Matchmaking Platform For Gamers

Meet The Masterminds Behind It All!

Looking for Gamers was conceptualized and co-founded by serial gamers, Aaron Scherer and Spencer von Behren.

It all started one night when Aaron and Spencer were having troubles finding people to play a game with them. Lots of games do have their own matchmaking services however, they don’t go from game to game, and they aren’t very good at matching users. Well the duo wanted something better and thus the idea to start Looking for Gamers was inspired.

Know More About The Start-up!

Looking for Gamers is basically a matchmaking platform for gamers. This web application finally offers gaming enthusiasts a unique portal wherein they can connect with fellow gamers to enjoy their favorite games together. You can also filter by games, region, play style and system to find those whose gaming interests match your own.

On The Problem It Is Solving!

The problem we are solving is the difficulty of finding others to play with for all of your games. There are sites out there that do this for single games, but ours does it over a larger scale”, says the team.

Looking For Gamers: A Matchmaking Platform For Gamers

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

Like most startups, the team’s biggest hurdle was getting the word about their product out in the market. Also, not having any background in advertising and marketing made this task even more challenging for the duo.

In terms of competitors, Looking for Gamers is so unique that at the moment they practically have none in the market.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

In the near future, the team wants to offer a place for airsofters/paintballers and tabletop gamers to find one another as well. Their plan also includes offering server rentals. Further, when it comes down to target audience, this online app is mainly for gamers from across the world.

The Monetizing Plan!

“Monetization will be primarily through advertisement. It will hopefully be pretty lucrative, as the target market is pretty specific” says the team.

To sum it all up, with Looking for Gamers you can now find gaming buffs that would love to play a game together.

For more information, do make it a point to visit: https://www.lfgame.rs

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