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 duelr logo Duelr, a Social Media Survey startup uses the power of the first impression to make informed decisions. It  was founded by Christoph Wehrli, Ivan Schmid and others. Before this Startup, Christoph Wehrli worked at companies like  Swissbit, where he engineered products like Victronix USB drive (the Swiss army knife with a USB drive),  Dior Homme USB and worked as a part-time consultant for a few companies, before starting his first  Startup, which made products to bundle waste paper in seconds. He planned a working model where  Sporting teams and boy scouts who collected waste paper by hand got to earn money for their organization.

 And then Duelr, happened. Duelr, tries to simplify the way people vote. Their We are looking to become a result and a process where people like to vote. They are two guys who co-ordinate with an offshore team and they plan to have an in-house team by mid of 2015.

Christoph Wehrli, currently lives in  Switzerland and plans to move to San Francisco in the near future where the company is based.


What’s their Startup Story?

Christoph Wehrli says, “Back in college and later as we worked at a variety of companies we kept noticing just how much time gets poured into relatively minor (but important) decisions. Which slogan is more  catchier? Should we overhaul our packaging, and if so, what will appeal to the most customers? Will the blue or the teal company name on our logo result in more conversions?

It may seem silly, but anyone who’s ever run a business knows it’s true. There are as many opinions as people are involved in a decision process. And it’s not just in business. We’ve all seen people agonized for hours over which photo to post to Facebook, whether to shave a beard or keep it, which dress to wear to a dance.

The tried and true method, of course, is to resolve these conundrums by asking for people’s opinions; seems you can’t visit a website these days without getting a pop-up asking if you’re willing to participate in a short survey. But let’s face it. Those surveys aren’t fun, and even the short ones take too long. If you want people’s opinions, you better make it easy for them to be heard.”

It took some brainstorming, a few late nights, a dash of pure inspiration and after a few months contemplating the conundrum, the idea of Duelr was born. When It sounded fun and a bit addictive to them, they got to work.

What were their challenges?


“It’s always hard because you have an idea but no clue what’s costumers need exactly and you don’t have enough money. So we started from the scratch with the easiest way. Today after research and feedback we know a lot more and we will build all up till end of the year including subscription services for publishers and companies. But the next hurdle will be the marketing.” says Christoph.

Duelr, offers a platform to make fast decisions and interact with your audience and customers. They focus on duels so far and want to create a social media survey platform. This will be their strong point. Duels are more fun than usual surveys with 10 or more options. Their competitors are all survey companies.

Their Target audience?

Christoph says, ” if we get 1 Mio unique visitors / month and 2000 PRO subscribers by end of 2015 it would be great. Our Next step is to launch the redesigned site with a lot more functions a subscription plan. including some pre-made duels where subscribers only have to upload 2-5 pics.”

Their target audience consist of three categories, all social media users, publishers who can create with ease a duel to generate more traffic and create competitions with interactions from visitors. Companies (Example: they can find a new cover girl for each region in the world with only one simple survey (duel) ) or for internal decisions including password protection, They are planing to expand to locations like the US, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South America, Rest of Europe, and Japan. Their means of revenue is through ads and subscription and are on the look out for investors.

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