Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review

It is a safe bet that you’ve seen screen capture (or at least the results of it) at some point or other – even if you haven’t used it yourself. Nowadays most people tend to run into videos that have been created using screen capture at some point or other – mostly in the form of tutorials and ‘how to’ video guides.

What few realize however is that even if you aren’t interested in creating your very own tutorial or guide – screen capture can still be really useful.

 “Why is Screen Capture Useful?”

The fact of the matter is that we live in a world where video is the most popular medium for content. Over the last few years the growth of video-based platforms online has been nothing less than rapid, and nowadays streaming online video is a norm.

Being able to use screen capture to record anything and everything on your screen will hand you a way to record any videos that may pop up there too. It could be a travel video that you want to watch later, or a live business webinar that you’re going to miss otherwise, or it could even be a Skype call – screen capture will give you the means to save it and watch it at your leisure.

Challenges When Using Screen Capture Software


While all that may sound great – there is one problem: Screen capture has a reputation (and unfortunately, a well-deserved one) for being fairly complicated. Because of the technical side of recording videos, adjusting their settings and saving them in various formats it can all be a bit much for new users with little or no prior experience.

On top of that most people want their videos to look stylish and professional – which requires video editing and often isn’t supported by the same software.

Advantages of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio


The Movavi Screen Capture Studio provides a neat and tidy solution to these issues by combining screen capturing software with video editing and serving it up in a single package. Essentially its features will allow you to fully control the videos that you record while also editing them to cut and combine video segments, enhance their quality, insert filters and special effects, and much more too.

On top of all that the software is designed to be intuitive and accessible. The user interface itself is clean and straightforward, making it easy to navigate. Also most of the features use actions that will feel familiar, such as ‘dragging and dropping’ or ‘resizing by pulling on the edges’, and so on.

Suffice to say, if you’re looking for a screen capture software that can provide you with the benefits of being able to record your screen and turn it into a great-looking video without the challenges that are normally associated with doing so – the Movavi Screen Capture Studio should be an attractive option.

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