PlayWith Brings The Gaming World Together!

As kids, fantasies were our reality! Chasing butterflies, fighting zombies, imaginary friends, space colonizing and the crazy list continues. When we see, kids doing the same, a unanimous thought, “Where have those whimsical days gone?” rings in our mind.

The lost, golden days are our fantasies now. I know most of us won’t agree with this, but we still want to take the flight of imagination. Well folks, the plane is just waiting on the other side of the window and PlayWith is your ticket to the castles in the air.

The original premise for PlayWith is to restore the innocent and childlike free play that disappears from our lives as we grow up. With the evolution of social networks, the gaming world has also turned virtual. Playing with others is an exhilarating experience hence PlayWith brings together the playmates for real. Now, “Be a kid, again!”


Meet The Dynamic Personality!

Alex Malov is the sole founder of PlayWith. His gusto for sports since childhood brought in him a pro/varsity level in swimming. Outdoor sports like tae kwon do, shidōkan and rugby are also his part of a vibrant life.  To add to that list he is also a licensed skydiver.

“I wakeboard, surf, snowboard … and just try new sports all the time. I blame my ADHD. So doing something in the sports vertical was very natural.”

From The Chronicle Of The Founder!

 Winters: “I and my girlfriend always go for the snowboarding, realizing the fact that she is not much into it, and just came to accompany me, probably  I should search for a playing partner who was equally interested as I am” –Alex

The self-realization invoked the seeking of sporty legions or something similar to PlayWith that would ameliorate the search of likeminded. But, the result were never satiable. Being energetic and self motivated that he is; Alex put his foot down on building an app that brought the sport world together.


An epic moment that fetched the console and board game into PlayWith is worth sharing.

“Once my friend had a fight with his fiancé, she stormed out and he wanted to play some FIFA to let out some steam. However, he also needed some company. What he ended up doing was he walked into the local bar a shouted “I have beers at home. Who wants to play FIFA with me?”(Chuckles!!)

This got the best of both the worlds, indoor and outdoor gaming together as PlayWith.

On his way to PlayWith, the biggest challenged was an issue of supply and demand with two-sided marketplace. Until the app reaches it’s critical mass it is only marginally useful. The fact is that there are not many efficient ways of reaching the target audience, which is even harder when you are bootstrapped.

The Problem It Is Solving!

Recent social networking habit is merely about staring at a screen in isolation. The virtual world never suggest on calling a friend to go for a run. Online multiplayer games are impeccable but the presence of a co-enthusiast is still absent, turning people into a loner.

Try to retrospect the days when you played at the arcade, or on the playground, or on your friend’s couch. Those beautiful memories are still a part of your happy life.

On PlayWith friends and strangers can meet and get along to play their much-loved games. Be it a game of soccer or a tennis match, on the pitch or NFS games on the couch, With PlayWith you can arrange it all.


People use tools such as Meetup and Facebook groups to organize the matches. These tools are not location-based and are just not designed around dynamics of pickup sports.

PlayWith is certainly a better way to organize pickup sports and find people nearby who want to play along. The virtue of PlayWith lets you connect with people differently, as it is built around the unique dynamics of pickup games.

The Oomph Factors!

PlayWith has an intelligent and dynamic push notifications that lets you know when there are new games nearby. The matchmaking is based on location, interest in a sport and skill level. The nature of pickup is spontaneous. PlayWith allows anyone, anywhere and anytime to create a game.

The reason why people shy away from team sports is that they feel embarrassed of their skill level, indeed! To solve this, PlayWith has become the tinder for pickup sports.


So go break the ice and just play your hearts out because haters are going to be just the haters. What’s important is having fun and sharing that experience with the genuine ones.

With such credibility, PlayWith is likely to become Yelp of sports and activities. Sooner you will be able to book courts/venues directly from the app for a particular pickup game.

Ah! What more can anybody wish for than something as staggering as PlayWith.

To know more about it, checkout the website:

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