Simply the Cleverest Rider Safety Gear! Introducing the NightRage Backpack by Underground Technology.

Motorcycle riding is my passion. The experience that biking brings is unmatched. The adrenaline rush, the cool breeze striking against your face, the turning heads when you hit the throttle; everything about biking is simply amazing. All true bikers will understand what I mean; car lovers can hit back. With all the incredible things biking brings to your life, it brings a great element of risk too.  Biking is not for everyone, it takes some heart to be a biker because of the dangers that come with complimentary.



Dangers Faced by a Biker:

As a rider, I mostly take to road at night time, because that’s mostly when I’m free. At night time visibility is relatively low and can cause sight problems. Moreover, motorbikes are less visible in general than cars. They have lower stability and some sweet engines, which can give an average car a tough time. Bike riders don’t get the safety of an enclosed vehicle like car drivers, so in an accident it’s highly probable to be severely injured or worse, killed. Safety precautions are mostly a lost cause with us riders, which leads to terrible repercussions at times. According to a statement of Federal Government, deaths on motorcycle accidents are 26 times more in number than car accidents, and are increasing every year. These circumstances give birth to a need of reliable safety gear.

NightRage Backpack by Underground Technology:


To be honest, I was a bit concerned about my safety after a friend told me about the annual death toll of biking accidents. It didn’t mean that I could give up on biking, as it is my passion. So I started searching on eBay for some safety gear that I could purchase. Mostly, all I found was some cliché stuff, before I came across these functional safety gear products named NightRage Backpacks by Underground Technology.

NightRage Backpack is specifically designed to assist in night time riding. The backpack comes with neon-like lights in green, blue, and red colors. These lights are water resistant and light up with electronic panels. You can control these lights through a button inside the backpack. There are three main settings for the lights, which are on, flash and strobe. These lights make sure you gain complete visibility at night time, so that no moron crashes in to you from backside. The lights have a visibility range of half a mile. So you will be visible to anyone within half a mile range of your bike.

There’s more to this backpack with lights, as they come with heavily padded shoulder straps which are specially designed to aid in riding. The Night Rage Backpack has a hard shell covering that mitigates the impact in an accident on your body. There is an internal laptop sleeve in the backpack which has room for up to 16 inch laptops, tablets or notebooks. Other interior pockets have space for your files, keys, wallets, phones and what not. How great is that?

Can safety gear be this cool and yet totally practical? It was hard for me to believe it too, until I used it myself. It is everything it claims to be, and guaranteed to provide you a safer riding experience. I am sure that this Light up backpack will also do the job great for bicycles and cyclists.