Starting Your Own Auto Repair Business

There are a lot of people who have grown cautious when it comes to using just any old auto repair shop. Instead, they would rather stick to using one that they trust. Because of this, you want to be one of those highly regarded auto repair shops if you want to become profitable.

Pay Attention To Employee Turnover

You want to be able to establish consistency and reliability with your business. Too high of an employee turnover rate can lead to having new workers with little or no experience that will have to be monitored and guided through even the smallest tasks. You can reduce the amount of new employee turnover rates simply by making sure that you treat your employees well, train them properly and paying them a fair wage. Keeping the same staff can also help to build up a rapport with your customer base as they will be able to get to know your employees and see a familiar face whenever they bring their vehicle into the shop. It can be difficult to trust an auto repair shop if there is a new mechanic working on their vehicle each time it goes in.


 Guarantee Your Work

A customer is always going to feel better about using your auto body repair shop if you give them a guarantee on the work that you perform. When you repair a person’s starter or their brakes, this guarantee will let them know that you are not going to do shoddy work. This level of trust can be very valuable and it will make them want to come back again in the future.

 Display An Ethics Statement

Describing your stand on honesty, integrity and work that can be trusted and displaying it in your repair shop will help you to show your customers that you mean what you say and say what you mean. You can explain that only the necessary service and repairs will be provided and that you will not look at trying to charge them for anything that they do not need.

Insure Yourself

A lot of start-ups fail to provide proper levels of insurance cover for themselves. Using a proper motoring trade insurer will prevent you falling foul of any issues or mistakes and will ensure that you can offer the best quality of business, even when things get out of your control.

Awards For Customer Loyalty

If you have a number of regular customers, you want to be able to make them feel appreciated. Do your best to show them by sending them coupons or even give them a free service, such as an oil change, from time to time. These customer loyalty awards can be a great incentive to not only keep your current customers coming back, but it will also bring in new customers who will want to be treated the same way.