Synergy Spine Solutions Secures $30M to Advance Artificial Cervical Disc Technology

The global artificial disc replacement market is anticipated to reach $4.7 billion by 2027, driven by an aging population and increasing demand for minimally invasive surgeries. Cervical disc replacements, specifically, hold significant potential due to their ability to preserve motion and potentially improve long-term outcomes compared to traditional fusion surgeries.

Company & Technology:

Synergy Spine Solutions ( ), a developer of innovative cervical disc replacement devices, has closed a $30 million Series A financing round led by Amzak Health. This investment fuels the company’s progress in commercializing its flagship product, the Synergy Disc®, designed to restore both motion and alignment in the cervical spine.

Funding Highlights:

  • Amount: $30 million
  • Lead Investor: Amzak Health
  • Participation: Other undisclosed investors
  • Board Addition: Joyce Erony of Amzak Health joins Synergy’s board

Use of Funds:

  • Completing enrollment of the U.S. IDE 2-level clinical trial
  • Continuing patient follow-up for both 1-level and 2-level trials
  • Submitting Pre-Market Approval applications to the FDA
  • Supporting continued commercialization outside the U.S.

Strategic Significance:

  • This funding signifies investor confidence in Synergy’s technology and its potential to disrupt the cervical disc replacement market.
  • The focus on completing clinical trials and regulatory approvals paves the way for U.S. market entry, a significant milestone for the company.
  • Expanding commercialization efforts internationally demonstrates Synergy’s ambition to capture a broader market share.

Industry Implications:

  • Synergy‘s success could accelerate the adoption of motion-preserving cervical disc replacements, potentially improving patient outcomes and standards of care.
  • Increased competition in the space could drive further innovation and price competitiveness, benefiting patients and healthcare systems alike.

Deal Highlights:

CompanySynergy Spine Solutions
IndustryMedical Devices
LocationLouisville, Colorado
TechnologyArtificial Cervical Disc Replacement
Funding RoundSeries A
Amount Raised$30 Million
Lead InvestorAmzak Health
Other InvestorsUndisclosed
Use of FundsClinical Trials, Regulatory Approvals, International Expansion
CEOJosh Butters
Board AdditionJoyce Erony (Amzak Health)
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