Teeny Drones share stage with GoPro 4 Sessions on Fox News

God bless America. The three words we could not stop repeating after seeing Teeny Drones appear on TV for the first time.

Andy Taylor is Fox News Arizona’s Tech expert. Every other week he is invited to present his gadget finds and the must haves in technology right now. Andy does this as part of his segment called, TechTalk Radio.

It is no surprise that our team was jumping up and down when we watched Andy present Teeny Drones on July 13th, alongside the new GoPro 4 Sessions Series.

Focusing on smaller technology in this episode, Teeny Drones was the perfect fit.

Explaining that Teeny Drones have lights to fly outdoors, are very durable, and super fun to fly, Andy asks his co-host test out a Teeny Drone for everyone to see.The result is amazing.

We are so grateful to add this moment to our Teeny history.