TEKAPP and FUJITSU become partners to lead the Italian market of notebooks and server

Fujitsu chose TekApp to supply all potential Italian clients with the newest notebooks and server.


Fujitsu, the leading Japanese company from 1935 is implementing a strong expansion strategy in Italy. After the recent market launch of the new and incredibly powerful new Fujitsu servers and notebook, the company has selected few partners all over the Italian territory in order to expand its market. Fujitsu is one of the worldwide leading provider of IT services, operating in over 100 countries and closing its 2014 with a consolidated turnover of 46 billion dollars.

Fujitsu chose  TekApp, with its headquarter in Modena – Italy to sell both offline and online its Server Fujitsu, Workstation, Computer and Notebook Fujitsu. The goal of the new partnership is to provide the best answer to the challenge do-more-with-less, helping companies improve operational efficiency. Indeed, workstations Fujitsu offer a sophisticated combination of cutting-edge processors and graphics performance to increase the efficiency of applications. The exceptional quality of the production guarantees reliability and a large reduction in energy costs up to 40%. Furthermore, the very experienced team of TekApp helps companies during every step of the system set-up and offer a full package of services regarding ordinary maintenance, cloud backup, recovery of data, website improvements and online marketing. Therefore TekApp focuses to a complete service to its clients supporting them to 360 degrees during operations and with no regards of the business sector where the company is active.

The Notebook Fujitsu devices are highly reliable, from the simple entry – level up to more powerful solutions. Extensive configuration options offer maximum flexibility and convenience, while the new energy-saving technology will reduce the environmental impact of the device. All Fujitsu devices are presented and sold online on the shop bestore4u.it.