The Benefits Of Providing First Aid Training In The Workplace

Offering first aid training in the workplace provides the following four distinct benefits:

Customized Training

Putting together your own first aid training program allows you to custom-tailor the training to your industry, as well as to your company’s budget and overall strategy for managing risk.


For instance, the type of training required in an office environment is far different than the type of training that is required for a construction setting. By creating your own customized training program for both first aid and CPR, you can be sure that all of your staff members are prepared to handle whatever emergencies may arise at your place of business. There are plenty of first aid training businesses that could help you implement something like this.

Low Cost

The overall cost of training obviously has to be considered. However, the primary costs are typically associated with paying the trainer and gaining access to the course materials. You may find that it is not significantly more expensive to train all of your employees how to handle emergency situations rather than just a few select employees. When you weigh the cost of training with repercussions of a serious injury in the workplace, it is easy to see that training all of your employees to act quickly in an emergency makes good financial sense.

Supportive Work Environment

Employees like to know that they work in a supportive environment where their needs are taken into consideration. By showing your employees that you care about their well-being, you will create a stronger sense of loyalty and commitment that can go a long way toward creating an excellent work environment. Taking the time to train all of your employees in CPR and first aid shows them that you care and that you value them as employees.

Properly Treated Injuries

Having employees who are trained in both first aid and CPR provides the following health and safety benefits:

* Employees who undergo training are more likely to be aware of safety issues, which can reduce accidents in the workplace.

* Fast action from well-trained employees can save lives in situations involving serious injuries. Waiting for emergency personnel to arrive may not always be practical. Having employees who know how to react in these situations can literally mean the difference between life and death.

* After undergoing training, every employee will not only know what is in the first aid kit but will also know how to properly use it. This can go a long way toward creating a safer work environment.

* The skills that are learned during on-the-job first aid and CPR training can be used for emergencies that occur outside of work as well. By training your employees, you are helping to create a better society.

The cost of providing first aid and CPR training to your employees is negligible. Especially when you consider how far it can go toward ensuring the health and well-being of your staff.