The importance of Reputation Management for your business

Online reputation management is about monitoring and managing a company or person’s brand or reputation on the internet. This is done in order to address and get rid of potentially damaging information or content against that person, brand or company so that sales and business is not affected. In this modern society, we all use the internet to check out various companies, individuals and brands before buying from them.

In most cases, if you see a few negative reviews or content about that brand or person, then you’d probably choose not to buy from them. Of course, this would affect the profitability of the brand which is the reason why companies and individuals hire On Yavin SEO for reputation management.


Several On Yavin SEO Ideas

So, the majority of reputation management is about making negative search engine results about that brand or individual less noticeable by pushing it down in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This is a form of negative SEO, On Yavin explains, where you basically do SEO to cause a website or page to go down in the search engines results and reduce its rankings as oppose to increasing them. There are many ways that this can be done such as through spamming the page, hitting it with black hat links, getting it de-indexed etc.

Of course, pushing down those negative reviews is not the only way, you can also create positive content and then get that content to rank higher than the negative content. By creating more positive content and getting it on the first page using On Yavin SEO or paid advertising, you will be effectively pushing down any bad content that would affect the brand’s reputation.

Another way in which online reputation management companies manage a brand’s reputation is by issuing legal take-down requests if they believe that the brand has been libeled. This is usually quite effective and in most cases, the negative content will be removed by the webmasters in a matter of days or weeks.

Different Strategies

Some other strategies that can be implemented include the release of positive press releases to drown out negative content, offering free products or services to well known reviewers, getting mentions on highly popular and well ranked sites in Google etc. There are many methods that can be used to improve the reputation of a company and as you can see, there are both ethical and unethical ways to do so. So, before you hire a reputation management company, make sure that you fully discuss the methods that they will use to manage your company’s reputation. If you don’t, then you will run the risk of a reputation management company making your brand’s reputation even worse, if unethical methods are used and exposed by third party sites or official bodies.

In closing, reputation management is a must for every company or brand that does the majority of their business online. It can definitely be difficult, but by quickly addressing negative or libelous content, you will ensure that your brand remains untarnished and your business continues to run smoothly.