Top 10 IoT Platforms to Use for Development

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It has been quite some years since technology started lending a helping hand to our needs, not just at the workplace but to household chores as well. From the normal air-conditioners to the high end luxurious automobiles, there is not a single household that is not in the need of any electronic equipment and with the advancement in tech the need for equipments only increases.

The world has seen a quite a lot of incidents owing to careless handling of equipments and malfunctioning of the same. This only adds more reason to the fact, that these electronics and electrical things that we are dependent on are much more dependent on us.

And with the new dimension that has been appended to the world of electronics & communication technology, now anyone at anytime in any place can be connected through the internet to any device or network. Connections are getting multiplied and are creating an entirely new dynamic network, of networks.

When wireless concept is perfectly implemented, the earth as a whole is converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is. The number of connected devices is rapidly increasing by thousands every split second. On an average every household has five to six appliances connected to the internet regularly.

The Internet of things is just a simple buzz phrase that brings together all the information from multiple devices; from computers and smartphones to all electrical equipments and vehicles. Almost anything and everything related to sensors and applications can be connected wirelessly through the internet. Basically, your data needs a channel to be connected to and a medium to access it and internet provides both the needs. Internet of Things is all set to set foot in every discipline from education and finance to transportation and health care.

With devices working on different operating systems, Iot systems have the need to be created compatible to the devices as well and following are few of the most common IoT platforms used for development.

top internet of things platforms


Exosite is a cloud based service provider company with the technology needed to create and deploy next generation IoT applications that influences the inflating world of connected devices. Though many competitors provide cloud-connected systems, Exosite has consistently provided the most complete commercially integrated IoT solutions. It has the capability to provide total IoT solutions for its customers. People all over the world use Exosite to build custom remote monitoring and control solutions that meet the demands which in turn boosts the uptime and drives down the maintenance costs, value added service offerings will be enlarged. Exosite makes it incredibly easy to connect, manage and share your sensor or device data online.

IBM BlueMix

BlueMix is the most modern cloud offering from IBM. It delivers enterprise level services that easily integrate with your cloud applications without needing to know how to install or configure them. It provides a dashboard for you to create, view and manage your applications and services as well as monitor your application resource usage.


Jasper- One of the early participants in making IoT services. Providing IoT services for several companies like Sony, ABB, Amazon, General Motors and more, the company provides cloud based services that help their client companies manage their systems much faster and more effectively. From controlling cars to providing refreshments, there is not a field Jasper’s IoT has let pass by and stand as one of the successful participants in the business.

Apple homekit IOT platform

Apple, one of the most commonly used interface and it has taken a step forward towards smart home and smart living. Homekit allows these IoT enabled products such as thermostats and light switches to be operated manually or via siri with the help of an app on an iphone or ipad. There are some more gadgets that captures a home’s air temperature, energy consumption and check whether doors and windows are kept open.

Google Brillo

Google’s most popular Internet of Things is Brillo. It’s a communication platform that will allow IoT devices to talk to another. By this one can extend the reach of your apps to the physical world. Design one app that can operate multiple devices in the home and work environment with the help of Google services.

Sap IoT platform

Sap, the software that rules the enterprise application industry clearly has the need to have an IoT platform of their own and they have done just that. SAP’s IoT platform has an in built memory that will help a client build, manage and deploy IoT applications in a much quicker time. And every action performed in the cloud; connect all your devices to one single platform at ease.


Xively is the next generation of Iot. It is one of the premium Internet of Things innovations Forum. It helps you to manage your connected product business by addressing the practical needs and reliable connectivity.

Intel IoT

With basically every computer or tablet computer running in an intel component, INTEL can most effectively and successfully provide the best IoT platform for all digital devices. From driving a car in the safest way possible to lecturing at a class of hundred students, Intel’s IoT platform can provide the best solution to all IoT applications. The company holds an event for all IoT related applications- Internet of Things world 2015; where hundreds of industries are set to exhibit their IoT solutions from several verticals.

Oracle Platform

Providing innovative solutions to the entire IT world; Oracle has spread its roots in almost every IT industries. And with their IoT platform they have already succeeded in giving their clients an integrated and secure platform for any IoT related application development. With instant responses and security at every end, Oracle provides their clients perfect platform for creating a compatible solution to their IoT requirements


ThingWorx provides the platform to build IOT applications to the already connected internet world. With a modern platform and a great design Thingworx’s IoT platform reduces every requirement from cost, effort, time and especially the risk.

With so many incredible smart devices rolled out, the world is turning smart. In every sphere, IOT can unlock opportunities like never before. It will encompass every phase of our life, right from our birth to death, and probably after. Healthcare, Lifestyle, Work, Energy, Education, Entertainment, you name it and IoT touches it.

Update: On popular demand from readers, HERE is one good place you can get your IOT project programmed for any of the below platforms.

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