Top U.S. Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping represents a group of specialists who are capable in using three-dimensional CAD techniques for fabrication of certain scaled models. The assembly process is usually completed using 3D printing technology. Here are the top rapid prototyping  providers in the US:

1.     Mina Product Development in Costa Mesa: Experts of Mina Product’s rapid prototyping services are  excellent at designing physical models using cost-effective solutions with fast results. To meet the challenges in the prototyping process, Mina uses advanced manufacturing techniques such as SLA, FDM and Polyjet. A high-quality layer to layer printing ensures high tolerance for all prototype models with powerful materials such as liquid polymers and thermoplastic. Mina product Development Company provides efficient services to entrepreneurs for 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, product designing and many more.


2.     American Precision Prototyping: This Company provides quality services for 3D rapid prototyping based in Oklahoma and Tulsa. American Precision Prototyping Company serves a large number of clients in US and throughout the world. With decades of specialization in prototyping services, they make use of advanced techniques and materials to generate unique and most powerful models. APP is popular among consumers for its designing of custom parts, architectural models, medical devices, rapid prototypes, short production runs and powerful aerospace devices.

3.     California Rapid Prototyping Experts: Experts at California Rapid Prototyping are serving a number of consumers in the electronics industry with highly advanced designs, engineering services and prototyping. To provide satisfactory services, CPR provides basic 3D printed prototype model to clients so that they can test and verify it. Then this models in covered on silicon molds in large quantity. Innovative projects are constructed with advanced technologies to meet the demand of clients.


4.     #WhatsNext in Southern California:  Working in southern California since 1987. WhatsNext provides conceptual design, testing, functional prototyping, mass manufacturing and assembly including engineering services to various clients. They start with 3D printing for testing the product model and then offer volume manufacturing with silicon molds. Clients can test more than a hundred samples as soon as possible according to their demand. What’s next usually announces contests for entrepreneurs and winners are given the chance to work with marketing and branding specialists during entire product launch process.