What to Expect from a Top Social Media Agency in Singapore

In the world of online business, social media is a very important tool for the overall success of a given online business. Social media was named in 2014 to be one of the key drivers of online sales and product engagements. It’s no surprise that search algorithms have even taken to social media to ensure relevance in search results. This shows how important and useful social media can be in growth and development of any given business. Social media management can be a challenge especially to small enterprises with few employees. With a social media agency Singapore, however, this challenge can be scaled down to ensure regular updates to your customers, without having to spend on a full-time social media manager. This article is therefore dedicated to guide you through some of the services you expect from a social media agency in Singapore.

  1. Account Management

Social media is all about opening a business account where you can easily communicate with your broad audience. The step is therefore to create these accounts, usually business profiles or fan pages. Once the page is created, it has to be customized to fit your brand identity. This process involves setting up your cover photos and also the overall timeline, to give the audience a special feel and connection to your brand.

2. Content Development and Management

To keep your online audience engaged, you need content that is regularly updated. Content creation is one of the many services you get from a social media agency in Singapore. In order to develop a strong following in any of the social networks, you need content that is not only great but also shareable since this is the best way to create a broader audience. Other than development, the content also needs to be posted based on certain intervals for example after every 2 hours or 6 hours which will also be handled by the agency. Engaging content will also show an increase of the overall click-through-rate (CTR) of your page and site where linked and in turn yield higher returns on your investment.

3. Campaign Creation and Management

Campaign management is probably one of the most important factors why a business should consider a social media agency. CPI and CPC generally referring to Cost-per-impression (usually 1000) and cost per click are some of the main ways to create advertisements on social media. In order to make sure that your campaign reaches a specific target audience, a social media agency will leverage on the competitiveness of a given industry to scale up your campaign. Advertisement management is also crucial as it allows and gives a window of the success and failures of a given campaign. This is normally done by monitoring special marketing charts and reports for CTR rates as well as standardizing your CPI and CPC costs.

  1. Community and Audience Management

With social networks such as Facebook reaching over 1 Billion people, it’s important therefore to build a community of people, requiring your products. In Ads placements and management for example, there are a number of ways that a social media agency Singapore can ensure that your broadcast only reaches a certain group or category of people, e.g. women aged 25 – 35 years. This is vital for niche brands looking for certain age groups or people as the target audience. Managing the whole social community of your brand, business or service also requires some expertise especially when your brand reputation is under concern.

  1. Cross Platform Management

The main aim for employing social media as part of your business is to ensure higher returns and profitability. With a social media agency, your brand will be promoted and monitored across multiple online channels. Most of social media agencies often come with cross media management portals developed using the different social media APIs to ensure real-time broadcast of information to all your social media accounts. This lowers the time needed to post messages from one platform to the next for example on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ simultaneously.

Social media is an important tool of any business today. There are many benefits that come with deploying a reputable and knowledge team towards your social media needs. Most importantly, the expert advice from a professional agency is proven hence highly valuable. While some people may opt to manage their social media, agencies will often yield higher ROI given their experience in the area.