Use ‘Whatsapp Clone’ For Creating An Instant Connection!

Greatest things are limitless! Whatsapp has already become a lifeline for the connected world. It has coupled the missing being and united the folks to bond. Though, Whatsapp was created as buddy app but it can be brought into the play for joining dots everywhere.

The twin of the Whatsapp is tailor-made with instant messaging, broadcasting the same message to many, create personalized group and send attached files. It is call-enabled chat messenger. The user has a profile to their own, where they can upload a picture and post their status. For the rest of the features, we all have used Whatsapp in and out.

With so much of credibility, I wonder why it is still just a chatting message. Let us see what else we can do using an app similar to that of a Whatsapp.

Integrating it into your business model

The powerful app has the potential to carry forth  operations and communications for Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer. Imagine if you have a messenger for your own company that helps communication between the clients and employees by themselves. It absolutely solves the midway confusion!

Start a Social Drive

World will be different place if we have an app solely amended for social awareness. With an app that has everything in it, spreading the word of mouth will be just far as a click!  The app can draw in massive attention from the sincere citizens called for a better purpose.

Office Chat room

It can be used as an official chat messenger where the employees can communication and sharing  issues, statistics, performance, conduct virtual meetings through chats. This would save a lot of time and the employees need not be at one place for the game to go on.watsappEducational Enlightenment

Apps are famous amongst the youth; hence, it will be easily acceptable by the students to share knowledge on projects and assignments.  Doubt clearing on subjects just before the exams, discussion about portion and schedules for the class can be done using the app.

Health Care Emergency

Healthcare sector needs to be ‘technically’ upgraded. An app that can help to convey message from people who seek emergency care and get the attention immediately, will do remarkable changes in medical areas.

Build a Fan Club

This one is my favorite! All of us like to idolize something or the other; the app will bring together people with common goals or fascination. You can create activities like a match or arrange for a party. It will mostly bind the common minds to share knowledge and have fun!

These are just a few virtues to state, I am sure you have multiplying ideas on what can be done with this app while reading this. So go make your own version of the Whatsapp clone that has been provided to you!

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