Lets Couples Brings Back The Spark In Their Relationship!

‘Till Death do us Apart’. Well in today’s world this vow is quite literally changed to ‘Till Divorce do us Apart’. Marriages all around the world are failing. Do not mistake us; we are not against divorce, we are merely against the idea of not trying hard enough to make your relationship work. As per our observation, what couples fail to realize is that having a beautiful union is hard work and they constantly need to do things to keep that passionate fire burning.

Well it’s still not too late to salvage your withering relationship. All you need to do is get This amazing app is here to help couples bring back romance in their lives. is an app that lets married folks flirt and be naughty with each other. Lets Couples Brings Back The Spark In Their Relationship!

Meet The Masterminds Behind!

This app was ideated and co-founded by Mikolaj Pawlikowski, Tina Sango and Marek Pawlikowski.

Mikolaj is a software engineer and an entrepreneur. His work stints include working for giant corporate as well as working for humble web/mobile startups. He is a technology enthusiast who loves to seek for innovative ways of thinking and is always glad to discuss interesting ideas.

Tina is a passionate mathematician and statistician. She loves gadgets and projects on the verge of science, technology and what’s making us humans.

Marek is a young and passionate filmmaker who is taking his first steps in this hyper-competitive market. Always on the move, he loves working on both his independent productions and other interesting partners’ projects.

Together they make a strong team that has all the right skills and talents to take to new heights of success.

Know The App Better! is here to help couples cherish and celebrate their valuable relationships. The team is a staunch believer of the philosophy that being excited about your significant half and respecting and loving them is the corner stone of a happy life.

Unfortunately, in modern times, couples are giving up far to easily on their love. Divorce rates are at an all time high. As per recent studies, 44.75% of marriages in France and 42% of marriages in Wales, UK end in divorce. The team believes that if people knew better how to handle their relationships they would be much happier in their lives.

“We acknowledge that it is difficult to keep things exciting in a relationship, which also results in breakups. On top of that, the sex in media is making it hard to accept the non-perfections of the other. With we want to change that as people more fulfilled in their relationships are less likely to, for example, be unfaithful (no. 1 reason of divorce in France)”, adds the team.

The Driving Force!

Tina and Mikolaj had to spend 2 years separated by the English Channel (Tina in UK and Mikolaj in France). This situation did give their relationship a hard time. However, even when they were physically close it still wasn’t easy for them.

Such a situation is what gave them an insight on how much couples’ communication sucked as they had tried it all. The urge to overcome this problems is what gave them the much needed inspiration to change it by putting in all the best bits together. Lets Couples Brings Back The Spark In Their Relationship!

On The Problem is Solving!

This beautiful app is here to reignite the spark in your relationship. When there is a will, even a small help can improve the relationship and therefore lives of couples around the world.

The team together has designed a small mobile app that helps express feelings, almost without words (even for those who find it difficult). It also helps them spice up a boring day at work with challenges and treats. Also for more private and intimate moments, offers a secret photo sharing service for couples.

On Challenges Faced & Competitors!

As per the feedback received by the team, they realized that habits vary enormously from one couple to another. Thus their biggest challenge was to decide on which features to include in the app and when.

Further, as they were bootstrapping the project exclusively with their personal funds, the team had to keep their day job. Thus working 80 to 90 hours a week was really hard and not very efficient.

In terms of competition,, Icebreak for Couples and Feel Me pose as direct competitors. All these apps are designed for couples and some of them are very successful. However, unlike, these lack a focus on keeping things exciting.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

“When the user base has hit the strength we aim for, we are planning on adding audio and video chat & messaging features. With time, will also help you buy gifts for the other person, choose a restaurant or book a movie. As far as other expansion plan goes, we would like to keep it as a surprise”, says the team.

Presently, the app is targeted at couples from around the world that want to bring back the fun and flirtatiousness back into their relationship.

The Monetizing Model! will have a WhatsApp model wherein the first few months is free, then few $/year/couple. The team is also planning on implementing a suggestions model wherein users, independent of each other, can fill in preferences, for instance, “I like roses, once a week”. The other person will then receive localized notifications when they pass by a flower shop.

For users, it will serve as a reminder and as an answer to the eternal question “what to get her/him” whereas for businesses, with enough volume, this can represent a very powerful way of acquiring new users.

Well to perfectly sum it up, allows couples to flirt and have fun with each other even after all the years of togetherness.

Oh wait! We are not done just yet. The team of is offering our readers some exciting goodies. Sign up for their beta to have a free access to the app until they finish their beta stage. Also, if you invite 5 people, they will give you a free 5-year premium subscription.

So what are you waiting for? To sign up and to know more about the app, do visit:

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