Workado is Here To Manage Your Marketing Campaigns Better!

No one can accurately sum up the vast importance of a marketing campaign. It is a perfect way to connect with your customers and increase your brand awareness and visibility. To simply put it, no matter how great your product or service is, without a marketing campaign it is close to impossible to find customers and clients for your business. Thus to ensure that you have the best campaign, there are many marketing agencies that work around the clock to make your business a star.

Similarly to make sure that these agencies give you a successful campaign there is a new software in town called Workados. It is here to give them their very own marketing campaign management system. That’s not all; this software also is the perfect system to help such agencies manage their team’s workflow.

Workado is Here To Manage Your Marketing Campaigns Better!

Meet The Man That Runs The Show!

Workado is the proud brainchild of Justin McGill. He started as an entrepreneur in 2008 with a web development company which soon transitioned into an SEO company. By 2010, it was a full-service digital marketing agency. Justin officially stepped away from the agency in the summer of 2014 to focus on Workado and other startup endeavors.

Know Workado Better!

It’s all about helping marketing agencies stay organized across multiple campaigns and multiple team members. Workado helps marketing teams have a more streamlined workflow, all within an intuitive interface. It helps users get more work done, document the work being performed so they can justify their monthly retainers, and helps increase lifetime value since customers get a feel of what goes into each campaign.

The Driving Force!

“We needed a way to manage marketing campaigns, not our projects. There are hundreds of project management systems, and we tried them all. The only challenge is that marketing campaigns are not projects. They are ongoing and have monthly needs and tasks associated with them. So I had to build out Workado internally for my own agency and then decided to make it available for other agencies”, says Justin.

Workado is Here To Manage Your Marketing Campaigns Better!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

For Justin the development process was his biggest hurdle. Apart from this, as the project was bootstrapped, not having a CTO co-founder made Workado a very tough and expensive software product to get off the ground.

In terms of competition, Basecamp to a certain degree poses as a competitor to this software as it has a stranglehold on project management. However, Justin really doesn’t feel that they are competitors and has in fact positioned Workado as “Basecamp for marketers”. Also, there isn’t another software in the market that is focused on managing marketing campaigns.

On Expansion Plans, Target Audience & More

“Through integrations with third party software, we want to make it easy as possible for people to get started. One thing I have come to realize is that a new user is switching from an existing solution. So you really need to figure out how to make that transition helpful for them”, says Justin.

At the moment, Workado is mainly targeted at an audience that consists of online marketing agencies situated anywhere in the world.

When it comes down to monetizing the software, Workado is already generating revenue. Well the future plan is to continue with content marketing and integration partnerships to further expand Workado’s reach.

To neatly sum everything up, this software is here to finally give users the means to successfully manage a marketing campaign. With it they can monitor and manage their team’s work and generate high revenue.

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