Let ZenFotomatic Work Its Magic On Your Product Photos!

If you are an e-commerce business, then you are well aware of the plight you have to endure to create quality photos for the products to be featured on your online portal. The current process is time-consuming, costly and not to mention seriously brain-numbing. Editing a few photos is reasonable, but what do you do when you have 100s or sometimes 1000s of photos to take care of?

Well do not fret because ZenFotomatic is here to answer your desperate prayers. This online application is here to work its magic and create truckloads of beautifully edited photos in absolutely no time. Now save your moolah, time and most importantly your sanity with this wonderful app.

Let ZenFotomatic Work Its Magic On Your Product Photos!

Meet The Masterminds Behind It All!

ZenFotomatic was conceptualized and co-founded by Daisuke Miura and Blain Hosford.

“Our company Glams is a team of mixed culture (New Zealand and Japan). We met in Japan through music and band playing. Somehow this eventually led us into business”, says the duo.

Presently, based out of Osaka, Japan, the team has a range of skills and experience from business, marketing to web and software development. It’s this mix that has seemed to work for them like a miracle.

Know The App Better!

It is a known fact that beautiful photos sell products. However, the problem is preparing such photos as it takes huge amounts of time and cost. From clear-cutting, cropping, whitening backgrounds, re-sizing to color enhancing, the process of finally getting quality images is surely a long drawn work.

Well ZenFotomatic is here to solve this precise problem. With one click this app takes 100’s or even 1000’s of photos and magically transforms them into professional ones that can be readily used for online stores. The beauty is you can walk away, grab a coffee and let ZenFotomatic do all the hard work. It saves enormous amounts of cost and time.

The Inspiration!

“Many years ago we were working together in Japan. Daisuke was running an e-commerce business and Blain was working in web design and development. In running the e-commerce business it became apparent how long product photo preparation was taking (and mind numbingly boring!). This was the starting point for ZenFotomatic as we really wanted a tool that would cut cost, time and save our sanity”, says the team.

Let ZenFotomatic Work Its Magic On Your Product Photos!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

For the team, building the core photo processor was and still is extremely complex and difficult. Even the development of computer vision was challenging. Also, the other big hurdle faced by the team was forming their first contacts, gaining large clients and partners. Further, upscaling for large clients also created many challenges as they pushed for a high success rate with their photo processing.

At this stage the app’s main competitors are manual photo editing companies. At the moment, automation of product photography editing is a new area so competitors are scarce. However, this will change in the future and the team is preparing for this.

On The Journey Ahead & Target Audience

“The core of our technology can be adapted and used in many different industries. E-commerce is an obvious industry and a good test case. However, in the future we will move into other industries by introducing new products and services”, says the team.

Currently, ZenFotomatic is mainly targeting e-commerce merchants worldwide. The team also works with many photo shooting studios and runs a Japanese version of ZenFotomatic (zenfotomatic.jp). Nevertheless, in the future, their target audience will expand as the team is planning on move into other industries.

On The Success So Far!

“At this stage we have large clients in Japan (for example ZOZOTOWN, Japans premier fashion online store) and are partnered with Rakuten (Japan’s premier e-commerce market). We also have customers all over the world. The last few months has seen good growth as we are now processing over 1 million photos per month and counting”, says the team.

So to perfectly sum it all up, if you are an e-commerce business, then this app is the best way for you to process scores of product photos in a jiffy.

To know more about ZenFotomatic, do visit: http://www.zenfotomatic.com/

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