Buy & Sell Amazing Stuff In a Flash Only At Zupa!

Our homes are literally swell with unwanted items and selling it online is honestly the best bid. Always remember that one’s excess is someone else’s necessity! However, there is no denying that commercial exchanges online is both cumbersome and time-consuming. Chances of being bombarded with leads that are border lining on hoaxes is also a common possibility.

Well the good news is that to solve this very problem there is a new app in town called Zupa! With this app discover a delightful new way to buy and sell all your awesome things. The app is simple, friendly, and streamlined thus it allows for items to be listed, bought and sold just with a few quick taps. Zupa! is here to revamp the way we purchase and sell stuff online.

Buy & Sell Amazing Stuff In a Flash Only At Zupa!

Meet The Power Duo Behind It All!

Ideated and co-founded by Tav Shande and Catherine Sheu, Zupa! is here to make buying and selling awesome things delightfully easy.

Tav and Catherine make a dynamic team of two! In the past they both worked together at Electronic Arts and Sledgehammer Games in Silicon Valley.

Tav’s background is on the creative and design side with a heavy influence by all things tech. He Graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA and a focus in Computer art. He has lived in 4 out of 7 continents of the world and has a strong desire to finish everything he starts, so 7/7 is on his bucket list.

Catherine is a superstar producer that has helped drive development on some of the largest, most successful franchises in entertainment history. She received her education at the University of California, Berkeley and she also happens to have amazing equestrian skills which Tav jokes about being jealous of.

“Together we form Zupa! We are always on the lookout for talented, driven, passionate engineers to join us in making the world a bit of an easier place to live in one app at a time”, adds the team.

Know Zupa!

To state it simply, Zupa! is about making the process of buying and selling items as easy as snapping a photo. As per the team, it is like Instagram meets eBay.

This app offers consumers a better way to buy and sell items; one that doesn’t involve meeting strangers in public places with cash in hand or getting outbid on an online purchase at the last second. Zupa! makes commercial exchange of things easier and faster. The process is as easy as posting a photo or browsing an image feed.

The Idea Strike!

Three years ago Catherine and Tav were sitting in her living room having one of their weekly brainstorming sessions. They began chatting about how they both had acquired so many things over the years that they don’t use anymore but would still be of value to others. They began discussing the best way to sell all the varied things they had in their homes.

“We could only list a few inconvenient ways in which people could sell or buy such items at the time. During the meeting I began checking my Instagram feed. While admiring all the wonderful images there, it struck me. What if all these items in my image feed were for sale? I began to snap photos of items around the living room and thought this is how easy selling and buying items should be. That’s how it started. We started designing Zupa! the same night”, says Tav.

Buy & Sell Amazing Stuff In a Flash Only At Zupa!

On Obstacles Along The Way & Competitors!

For the team, bootstrapping a startup without any external funding has been the most challenging part of launching Zupa! Even finding engineers that did not cost an arm and a leg but were highly skilled and capable of executing the design they had laid out for the app was another huge hurdle.

In terms of competition, Poshmark, eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and Mercari pose as potential competitors. This is because these apps allow users to buy and sell items on their mobile phones and they have a lot of funding.

On The Journey Ahead & Target Audience

“Right now we are working to perfect the current release and then continue with plans to expand Zupa’s availability across all platforms and add top talent to the team, then expand to international markets in the future”, says the team.

At the moment, this app is mainly targeting people with smartphones in United Stated who are looking for a fast, easy-to-use and intuitive mobile-shopping experience. On the other hand, when it comes down to monetizing, Zupa! is an e-marketplace that does not hold inventory. This reduces costs to run the service. Also, initially the team is looking to take 10 percent of every purchase made through the app.

To sum it up perfectly, Zupa! is your fastest way to sell unwanted items and buy some really wicked stuff. Well do not waste any time then. Get this app on your smartphone today! 

To download the app and for more details, do visit:

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