As vehicular traffic is increasing with each passing day, it becomes extremely cumbersome to commute from one place to another. Even if you are one of those who would travel by metro, you need a vehicle to reach there which again is a task in itself manoeuvring through the city streets. Also, with global pollution level on the rise, there is a dire need to use eco-friendly, non-polluting vehicles. What better if your backpack acts as a connect between your home and the metro station? Yes, you read it right! Movpak is a backpack that would carry everything you need for the day and at the same time act as a vehicle to move from one place to another.

At first glance, it looks like a normal backpack which you unzip, put stuff inside and carry it on your back. But upon closer look, one can notice a board at the back of the bag which can be slid down and used as a skateboard. The wheels of the skateboard are connected to 2 motors powered by a chargeable battery that will last up to 10 miles and can reach speeds of up to 20 miles/hour. The onboard battery can be plugged in and is expected to get fully charged within 2 hours.

Being on the heavier side at 17 lbs, you wouldn’t want to take this on a trekking expedition but would be really handy if your smartphone runs out of power as the bag contains a USB port that can be connected to your phone. With its built-in mic and speaker, the skateboard can be manoeuvred with your voice using Siri or Google Now, thereby providing you hands-free operation. The speaker can be used to listen to the songs from your playlist.

Movpak 1

The bag also sports a handle that can be used to roll the bag around with the help of skateboard wheels. The bag has a capacity ranging from 18-35 liters depending on the bag model and is also swappable. It also has front and back lights which will be handy while riding in the dark. The bag also comes with a wireless remote that would help those who are new to riding a skateboard, in controlling it.

Ivo Machado, Co-Founder of Movpak says that they earlier had a prototype that was three times heavier than the current model. But they had managed to reduce the weight and launch it on Kickstarter. But owing to high costs, they were unable to offer pre-orders and the campaign eventually failed. “Failing a campaign after 3 years of work was pretty hard. But we overcame that, improved the product, reduced the cost and launched it again on Indiegogo and in one week of the campaign we already achieved 200% of our goal. We are very happy and proud that we never gave up”, he concluded.

They now plan on having a deal with a major manufacturer that would aid them in reaching out to newer audiences. With orders already placed from 36 different countries, they look to expand beyond the horizon by establishing their business in these countries. They look to target office and college goers who would prefer an alternate, non-polluting transport.

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After a tiring day of work and managing to clear all the deadlines, how about resting those strained eyes and mind with a good night’s sleep? Well, that is, if you get one! It becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the schedule without those precious hours of sleep to charge you up. And how better can that be done without using any of those medications? Sleep Shepherd, a brainchild of Dr. Michael Larson is a device that provides the user a deep and comfortable sleep without using any kind of medication.

The idea originated when Jessica, daughter of Dr. Larson was diagnosed with a sleep disorder. Having earned his Ph.D. from MIT, he used his Mechanical Engineering background to create a drug-free solution to a better night’s sleep.

Unlike other sleep tracker devices, the Sleep Shepherd Blue promotes better sleep while simultaneously tracking brainwave activity. It consists of thin speakers and conductive fabric Electroencephalograph (EEG) Sensors. The device also comes with an app for both Android and iOS smartphones that will automatically track your time in deep sleep, total time asleep, head orientation, and the time you fall asleep.


The device mainly consists of two parts:

  1. Binaural Beat System: These are the tones that are played from each earpiece but are at different frequencies from one another. Simply put, they have the ability to raise or lower the brain rate depending on the frequency of the tones set. The device administers binaural beats through a patent-pending biofeedback system and the collected data is synced to the companion app in the morning.
  2. EEG Brainwave Monitoring: In order to maximize the effectiveness of the Binaural beat system, the device constantly varies the frequency of the tones by tracking the brain rate in real time.

Joe Griebel, Principal Design Engineer of Sleep Shepherd says that while they have been actively competing with the likes of Sense, FitBit, and Beddit, creating a system that could be worn comfortably and obtain accurate signals for a reasonable price was considered as the major hurdle for the product. The gadget is aimed at people who would want to enjoy sound sleep without the usage of any kind of medication.

What’s more, our readers will get 10% off on purchasing the product after entering the promo code: DOPE10.

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Portable chargers, portable music players and lot of gadgets have hit the market to make life easier for everyone. Lanterns have been hard to carry around since they are huge and they always feel like a burden most of the time. BioLite is a company that wishes to bring Energy Everywhere with revolutionary products that will transform the way you can cook, charge and light your lives off the grid. BaseLantern is one of the products that the BioLite team is responsible for along with many other amazing line of products that they have to offer. Jonathan Cedar is one of the founders of the company and they are based out in the United States of America. The shipping of their products have started from September 2016.

BaseLantern is one of a kind product that has been a revolution everywhere. BaseLantern is the world’s first flatpack lantern that has a breakthrough edge lighting technique along with Bluetooth connectivity which gives you a portable lighting solution. The lantern not only helps in lighting up your large group settings but it can also charge your phone and many other devices as well. BaseLantern is not huge, it is as small as a sandwich lunch box that one would carry to work and this is why it makes it very much easy to carry around with you at all times.

How did you come up with the idea?

We saw that lighting was one of the most important off-grid energy needs out there, but we also saw that MANAGING your energy is equally important , so we wanted to create a system that could do both. We also saw that Lanterns had a lot of room for improvement; particularly around how bulky they are, so we took the air out and designed a bright light with big power in a small form. – Erica, Director of Marketing


Some of the unique features of BaseLantern are as follows:

  1. Proximity Activation: The BaseLantern can geolocate to users and automatically turn itself off or on based on your relative proximity. It’s your very own beacon, clutch for hiking back to camp late-night.
  2. Energy Feedback: When you’re outdoors and away from an outlet, managing your battery life is critical. The App gives you runtime right down to the minute and calibrates in real-time according to brightness settings and if you’re charging any external devices. No guess how much juice is left and you can optimize burntimes to last the length of your trip.
  3. Color Spectrum Control: You can adjust the warmth of your light for task or ambience settings, turn it to red for night vision, or cycle through full colors if you’re looking to have a little fun. It all happens from an intuitive dial display that requires no learning curve.
  4. Light Extension: The BaseLantern can integrate with BioLite SiteLights, compact string-lighting, and create an even wider perimeter of light, lighting large communal areas or utilizing a hub-and-spoke setup to light individual sites.

BaseLantern is four times smaller than all most of the lanterns available to you plus BaseLantern gives you unprecedented control and functionality over your light and power by connecting with your phone.  The biggest challenge faced by the team was the making of a mobile application as this is something that they had never done before.  Their mission is to provide Energy Everywhere especially to the households in the energy poverty areas. BioLite are a funded company and are doing well at the moment.

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How convenient would it have been if those ordinary looking window blinds of yours could just magically help in maintaining the temperature you need or let you sleep for an extra half-hour without the sun rays falling on your face? You don’t need to look far because Jalousier, Inc., a US- based company has come up with FlipFlic, a gadget that can be attached to almost any regular blinds and they will magically turn into self- adjusting smart blinds set according to your requirement.

To start using the gadget, all you need to do is simply clip the gadget on the blinds and it will work according to the settings you have provided using their dedicated app. FlipFlic comes in two versions that would be compatible with both horizontal and vertical type blinds.


There are three modes in the app that the user can set as per the requirement. The Automatic mode lets you set the temperature and the amount of sunlight you need inside the room and the gadget will respond according to the setting by adjusting the blinds. The Schedule mode allows you to open or close the blinds automatically based on the timer set. The Manual mode lets you override both the modes and lets you adjust the angle at which the blinds should be open. You can also allow multiple users to control the gadget by simply adding them to the group.

The gadget is powered by a Li-Po built-in battery that could be recharged via micro USB connected to a solar panel. This provides a clean energy source contrary to its earlier generation where the user had to constantly replace the AA batteries. If you choose not to use the solar panel, FlipFlic can also be charged via the micro USB connected to a regular power source.

Ksenia Vinogradova, founder of Jalousier, Inc. says that she came up with FlipFlic after she got tired of adjusting the window blinds several times a day. She also tells that the major hurdle was to come up with a device that shall be external so that it can be adapted to any type of blinds thereby requiring no mechanical change to the blinds. “Developing automation algorithms and a lot of field-testing was necessary for the sensors present in the gadget to work efficiently”, she concluded.

The company looks to target people who are into smart home tech and prefer products that work instantly out of the box.

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The company will soon introduce the android version of the app.

We tend to worry a lot when we travel places with cash and cards in our wallets. With the constant fear of losing your wallet, you are unable to perform day-to-day tasks and you lose focus on more pressing matters. As a solution to this, Ekster, a US-based company has come up with a product that makes sure you don’t lose your valuable money.

Ekster Wallets are one-of-a-kind smart wallets that help you keep track of it all the time. It is equipped with two-way tracking system by using your phone to track down the wallet and vice versa. The tracker inside your wallet synchronizes seamlessly with your mobile phone via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. These wallets are connected to the Tile network. By using the Tile app, which is available both in the Play Store and the App Store, it will help in connecting to your wallet and use the map function that will point an arrow towards the location. The phone will also receive a notification when your wallet is out of range (range up to 100 ft or 30 m), alerting you that you’ve left your wallet behind. The wallet can be made to ring, thus making it easy to find its location. What’s more, if you lose your phone, the reverse tracking feature of the wallet can be used to locate your phone by making it ring even in silent mode. The wallet runs on Solar energy, hence there is no hassle of connecting it to a power source to charge it.


The wallet sports a quick access button to access the cards with the single press of a button. This makes it easier for the user to use the cards quickly without having to open the entire wallet. The cardholder is also protected by RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) /NFC (Near-Field Communication) blocker which prevents wireless data theft.

“We tend to set our standards high while making the product, thereby making it even more challenging to complete it within the set timeline and budget”, says Olivier Momma, co-founder of Ekster. The company now plans on expanding its range and options by introducing a new line of wallets in the near future. They aim to target young working men and women who desire style and elegance in their products.

Currently, the company is offering a 30% discount for their products on Indiegogo.

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Ever wondered what is causing those headaches and bouts of breathlessness? We tend to take medication without giving a thought about the air quality around you that might have contributed to your health issues. Pollution has now become a worldwide phenomenon and is causing a lot of problems both to the environment as well as to its inhabitants. To determine the level of pollution present in the atmosphere, several devices are used which are large, bulky and quite cumbersome to carry around. But NotAnotherOne, a US-based company that specializes in smart devices such as Wi-Fi Cameras, Smart bulb, and Smoke sensors have come up with Atmotube, a portable Air Pollution Monitor that would do the job of its bulky counterparts.

Atmotube is unique in itself due to its portability, affordability and its convenience for personal use. It detects air pollution, a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful gases like Carbon Monoxide (CO), measures air temperature and humidity. With fast response time to environment changes, it can measure air pollution at home or on the go. With Titanium-coated body, the device has an elegant design and fits snugly in your palm. The RGB light in the device indicates the air quality present in the surroundings. The readings can be obtained real-time by using the apps that are available both in the Play Store and the App Store.


Due to its portability and affordability, Atmotube has managed to stave off competition provided by devices such as Netatmo Weather Station, Withings Home, and CubeSensor which are on the expensive side.

Founder of NotAnotherOne, Vera Kozyr tells that they faced several difficulties in the making of the device. They had to ensure that the sensor worked stably and accurately. Also, they found it very hard to find the right materials for the device, since most of the plastics, adhesives, resins, etc. emit VOCs that would affect the accuracy of the sensor’s readings.

By branding it as a personal device, the company aims to reveal real-time air pollution globally, help identify real dangers and locate sources of the pollution, estimate health risks and warn people in advance about potential impacts of the polluted environment.

They look to target people living in big cities with high pollution levels. The product is also vital for people who suffer from asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), aiding them in steering clear of environments that could aggravate their conditions.

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Everyone has sweet memories and would like to keep it close to their heart. Be it the moment with your partner on a special occasion or the day you got your first pet, you would want those memories with you all the time. You can now literally wear those memories in the form of jewelry by using Jevelo. Jevelo is a website that provides features that would empower people to celebrate their life with stories they can wear.

The website provides full customization by placing the user in the design seat and allowing image-based designs.  It has a fast and easy interface and doesn’t require the user to be an expertise in designing the jewelry. The orders are made on-demand and are only produced once making them unique unless the user wants to share it on the Jevelo Market for a share of the profit when sold to others.

Jevelo 3

The website uses an image- based design, meaning it uses 3D visualization to create the design on the product from the image uploaded by the user. It is fully customizable and has a range of different frame shapes and engraving styles to choose from. Also, each design is unique since it is only meant to be produced once.

Even though companies like Alex & Ani and Pandora are popular in this segment, Jevelo stands out as it provides its users the option of customizing the product online. Its user-friendly interface also makes it easier to be used.

Fito Benitez, Reach and Engagement Manager of the Finnish- based company said that they faced huge challenges in designing the UX (read as User Experience) to make it user-friendly and the usage of 3D visualization technology to make it look more appealing.

They now plan on increasing product offering and expand the business to the North American market. They look to target lifestyle related enthusiasts who have an urge to express themselves in new ways by the personalization of their products and services.

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Wall clocks are usually meant to tell you the time or be a piece of unique art on your walls. But with Glance Clock there’s more interesting aspects to a wall clock. Glance Clock is a minimalist time piece which not only displays time but also displays information from all your wearables, smart home devices, third party applications and many more.

Glance Tech Pte Ltd is the company behind this amazing piece of innovation and the founder and CEO of the company Anton Zriashchev came up with this idea after being inspired by the book Enchanted Objects by David Rose. Glance Clock is based out in Singapore and their crowd funding began in the month of September 2016. Smart phones have existed for the past so many years and the time has come for smart clocks on your walls. With Glance Clock you get to organize your busy days which would thus allow you to focus on what’s important.


According to Anton Zriashchev, “Glance Clock is a smart wall clock that talks to the cloud and displays information from fitness trackers, smart home devices, and web services right at the moment user needs it. Sitting on an office wall Glance Clock will show a breakdown of a day through integration with Google calendar. At home, it alerts an important incoming call or notifies when your UBER has arrived.”

Glance Clock as such has no direct competition but there are other companies which have come up with an idea such as to move information from a phone to another physical object. Lametric and DOTTI are the two products who are based on a similar idea such as the Glance Clock, however Glance Clock is much more advanced than the two and have much more in depth options.

Glance Clock’s objective was to bring more value to an already existing object such as a wall clock. The biggest challenge while developing the Glance Clock was the glanceable interface that had to done. Glanceable means that you can read and understand information quickly at a glance without being disrupted from current tasks. The most popular use case is a calendar integration to display meetings and appointments. Next the weather integration followed by reminders and fitness data after that.

The pre-order price will be $149 and for those who are in constant touch with the company and have been giving regular feedbacks, the price for them would be $99.

To know more about Glance Clock, visit them on

Have you ever wished for something that would help you cook delicious food within the budget and also take care of your diet plan while you are sweating it out to lose those love handles? That may sound too good to be true. But Rich Thomas LLC, a US- based company that offers tools and solutions for healthy, customized meals has come up with eGrocer, an app that gives you recommended recipes and also lets you create custom meal plans based on your personal preferences, fitness, nutrition, budget & pantry.

Launched on Android and iOS platforms on April 14th and April 24th respectively, eGrocer covers all the features that a normal food app does and in addition to that, it provides ideas that would suit your lifestyle. With people being short on time due to hectic work schedule, the app does the job of giving people the ability to create and implement a meal plan quickly and within their budget. This will eventually help everyone save money at the grocery and send less food to landfills.


“The toughest challenge was the integration of recipes diversified in terms of calories and nutrition”, says Richard Messier, the founder of Rich Thomas LLC. He also adds, “We are now actually opening up more jobs for people who love cooking, are chefs or home chefs, to take up this task. This will be a sort of data entry type work but with competitive pay and growth opportunities.”

Further up, they plan on including an integrated food ordering system that would link local producers with consumers, resulting in the further trimming of food waste. App users would enjoy all the advantages of farm-fresh foods, while also benefiting from convenient ordering and delivery.

The app is looking at people who would want to learn healthy and simple recipes, maintain a proper dietary schedule to keep fit, and the millennial mothers.

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We browse the internet and come across interesting websites. Generally, we tend to bookmark them so that we will be able to visit the website anytime we want. But, accessing those bookmarks really become a mess when you have too many of them unorganized. Dreamlabs, a Malta- based web design and mobile application development company has come up with Buttons, a web-based application that would help you save these bookmarks as webmarks and easily locate them for the website you want to visit. What’s more, it also has options that would help you share those webmarks easily with your friends.

You can benefit a lot from using Buttons app as you can create categories and place your webmarks under the suitable category, making it look organized. It would also help you reduce the hassle of searching a particular bookmark from an unorganized bookmark section of your browser. The app also features a search function that would help you find the desired webmark. In addition to this, with Buttons, you can share any saved webmark with a few clicks and collaborate with others on a group of shared bookmarks with ease.

The web browsers are their prime competitors as people tend to save their bookmarks in that. By providing users option of organizing their webmarks, they hold an edge over those web browsers. The users can also make sure that the webmarks are shared with only a closed group of selected friends and colleagues and not to the public view.


Arnold Farrugia, one of the founders of the app tells that the code while designing the app was written in such a way that it would streamline the performance of the application, even for limited internet connections and on mobile devices. With no prior experience to rely on, he tells that it was a huge challenge to come up with an app that would have a clean interface and work on all devices.

They now plan on developing the app that would focus towards the educational sector, for lecturers and students at college and university level. They are currently relying on users to buy the premium plan that would help them continue working on improving their services.

The app intends to target those who save a lot of bookmarks of websites they like and also want them to be organized. The sharing and collaboration features in the app are ideal for teachers, students, business users and anyone conducting online research within a group.

Here’s the deal breaker for the regular visitors of Startup Dope. The app offers a 50% discount coupon to all the Startup Dope readers who plan on signing up for the premium plan. Simply enter the following code while creating a new account:  STARTUPDOPE-50.

The free version of the app is also available with limited features.

For more information, visit the website:

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