CleanFiber Secures $28M to Disrupt Insulation Market with Recycled Cardboard

Key Takeaways (Under 30 seconds)

  • CleanFiber is taking on the insulation industry with a sustainable solution: transforming recycled cardboard into high-quality insulation.
  • The company just closed a $28 million Series B funding round to accelerate its mission.
  • CleanFiber already has a proven track record in the Northeast, with its insulation used in over 20,000 homes.

The construction industry is facing pressure to find greener building materials. Enter CleanFiber, a New York City startup with something special up its recycled sleeve. Its patented process gives cardboard a whole new life as fire-resistant, high-performance insulation. This isn’t just a feel-good idea – CleanFiber’s product is already disrupting the market, making inroads across the Northeast.

Now, they’re armed with even more firepower. A substantial Series B funding round led by sustainability-focused Spring Lane Capital just closed at $28 million. Along with other investors like Climate Innovation Capital and AXA IM Alts, CleanFiber has the backing to scale production, expand its product range, and drive adoption on a national level.

CleanFiber vs. The Competition

CleanFiber isn’t alone in the sustainable building materials game. Here’s a snapshot of the competition:

  • Bonded Logic: This company uses recycled denim to create eco-conscious insulation.
  • Icynene: Known for spray foam insulation, but focuses on improving energy efficiency rather than material origin.
  • Rockwool: A major player in the mineral wool insulation market; sustainability initiatives are ongoing, but product source remains a concern.

CleanFiber’s edge? Its unique focus on utilizing ubiquitous recycled cardboard offers both environmental and potential cost advantages.

Deal Highlights

CleanFiber Deal HighlightsDetails
Funding RoundSeries B
Amount Raised$28 Million
Lead InvestorSpring Lane Capital
Other InvestorsClimate Innovation Capital, AXA IM Alts, Tokyu Construction/Global Brain, Ahlström Invest, Family Offices
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