Waypoint Bio Secures $14.5 Million to Revolutionize Solid Tumor Cell Therapy with Spatial Pooled Screening Technology

New York, NY – June 28, 2024 – Waypoint Bio, a pioneering biotechnology company, has announced closing a seed funding round of $14.5 million. Led by Hummingbird Ventures, with participation from Recode Ventures and Fifty Years, the funds will be used to propel Waypoint’s development of novel cell therapies for solid tumors.

Solid tumors remain a significant challenge in cancer treatment due to the complex tumor microenvironment. Waypoint Bio tackles this challenge head-on with its groundbreaking spatial pooled screening technology. This innovative platform integrates spatial biology with cell therapy design, enabling researchers to conduct large-scale in vivo screens while simultaneously measuring hundreds of phenotypes at the single-cell level. This allows Waypoint Bio to identify and optimize cell therapy designs that can effectively navigate the complexities of the solid tumor microenvironment.

“Our platform offers a significant leap forward in cell therapy design,” said Xinchen Wang, PhD, Co-founder and CEO of Waypoint Bio. “By leveraging spatial biology, we gain a deeper understanding of why cell therapy designs succeed or fail, allowing us to develop therapies with a greater chance of clinical success.”

Key Advantages of Waypoint Bio’s Approach:

  • In vivo screening: Bypassing the traditional in vitro step, Waypoint Bio conducts initial screens directly in mouse models, offering a more accurate and efficient testing process.
  • High-throughput screening: The platform enables the evaluation of numerous cell therapy designs simultaneously, accelerating the discovery process.
  • Spatial biology integration: This integration provides a comprehensive picture of how cell therapies interact with the tumor microenvironment, leading to more effective designs.

Future Applications:

Waypoint Bio plans to utilize the seed funding to develop CAR T-cell therapies specifically designed to combat the solid tumor microenvironment. Additionally, the company aims to explore the application of its technology for Treg therapies in autoimmune diseases.

Dealroom Highlights:

Funding Amount$14.5 Million
Lead InvestorHummingbird Ventures
Other InvestorsRecode Ventures, Fifty Years
Funds UseDevelopment of CAR T-cell therapies, exploration of Treg therapies
TechnologySpatial pooled screening technology
Co-foundersXinchen Wang, PhD, David Phizicky, PhD
LocationNew York City, NY

Waypoint Bio is a promising company with the potential to revolutionize the treatment of solid tumors. Their unique technology offers a powerful approach to developing more effective cell therapies, bringing hope to patients with these challenging cancers.

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