4 point strategy to ace at Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization (SMO) is a technique which emphasizes the use of social media to share your content easily across the web.

Over the years, the way people consume content has drastically changed to a model where the content has to be delivered to them at a place where they are comfortable consuming it from, the social web. With high points to visibility than the regular DA, PR and other factors many marketers are pushing content and advertisements on social media for building an effective following for their brands.


Social Media Optimization (SMO) has risen to great importance after Google baked in social signal as a key factor to consider among 200 other factors. Let’s face it, if people aren’t talking about your content, then it’s as good as dead. The link building practise that is associated with the traditional SEO, is still important, but when your links aren’t being seen by anyone, except search bots, does it really matter?

Shifting your focus on crafting content for social media is the need of the hour.  Once that’s established, the more links you have to and within your content, the higher it’ll appear in a search.

Many Social media experts like Jon Loomer and Neil Patel, have realized the true potential of social media marketing now that they emphasize on creating a strong strategy for marketing your content through social network, to convert them into buyers.

4 Strategies to be a Pro at Social Media Optimization

1. Sharing great content : Sharing great content can obviously improve the visibility. But what makes a great content? What makes an article interesting that they stay till the end. The more social sharing you do through social networks and  aggregation services like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, reddit etc, the more visibility you get.  People talk about your content. Share it and promote each and every content with the same attention. These are something you need to ponder over.

 2. Attractive Headlines: Often, people read your content based on a simple and easy to understand headlines. Other types of headlines are quirky, witty and tells you exactly what the article is about earns more brownie points. As of October, 2015, Facebook has announced that articles with headlines that don’t tell you what the article is exactly about, lose importance. This is their move to curb click-baiting. Make sure you clearly don’t step on that. Make your social post’s headline clear and crisp. Your article headline precisely what it’s about.

3. Share buttons on the article: Actionable contents are the key to make any great content successful. When a content excites a reader he should be able to share immediately. When a social button is available the reader would immediately share or like the article at his will.

4. Social commenting: Once the article is published, find relevant articles that also talk about the same. Comment on other blogs or topics where people are reading regularly. This makes sure your article receives enough attention from other sites. This increases your traffic as well as social reputation.


      5: Find your audience’s active timing: This ranges from case to case. Find out which is the best time to share       an article, which time your audience are most active. Knowing this will help you target your audience better. Pay         close attention to your social analytics and tweak your campaigns regularly for getting maximum effectiveness.

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