The best independent Business Instant Messenger any organization can get

Instant messaging – Neither are we new to it nor can we simply get through a day without it. No more phone calls or text messages. Why will we need them? When just a smart device and a good internet connection can help us send or exchange any message from simple texts and pictures to videos and even make calls through the app. The best part feature – we get all this for free!! All we had to do is download the app and have it installed at our smartphone or tablet computers. We can now start a conversation with anyone at anytime from anywhere.

Instant messaging services added to the ‘get it now’ attitude where every conversation was now instant. No more long waits or calls put on hold. Just a tap at the smartphone was more than sufficient to have a conversation with a friend, miles away in a far-off land or even have a group chat with dozens of friends at different locations right away.

Then came the real trouble, with instant messaging systems serving communication purposes in every way, users/employees now found the traditional workplace communication systems outdated and of course time consuming. And in the way instant messaging apps worked, they weren’t really wrong. Corporate communication was in a desperate need of an update.

When was the last time you mailed your colleague a query and waited hours for a reply that only came after a phone call? Emails were efficient in normal communications and exchanging files but with businesses depending on a lot other software these days, emails weren’t really instant. And the normal instant messaging apps though simple and fun to use, were too informal to be employed as communication systems for businesses.

Thanks to business instant messenger apps; like Slack, Yammer, RedBooth etc., instant messaging for business is now within reach. These apps come compatible with multiple devices and with the mobile applications on their smart devices, employees no more had to depend on the decade old systems to have a complete conversation with their colleagues. Instant messages, file transfers and group conversations were all just one click away.

Though simple and instant business instant messenger apps have one drawback. Unlike the normal messaging apps, instant messaging for business does not come for free. Corporates were required to register at these apps for a regular subscription package for every employer using the app. Which wasn’t much of a concern for small and startup businesses as this amount was relatively low. A few of these messenger apps even provide free service to startup businesses. But as for businesses operating with hundreds of employees and from different locations, this relatively low subscription charge mounts to thousands every month.

And since businesses were more interested in operating with a lot of freelancers and remote employees they didn’t really have an option than to subscribe to these software for effective instant communication.

But with this software GroupRocket, they now have one. Coming as team collaboration software compatible with multiple devices, this is one cost effective solution that corporate industries and businesses can depend on to keep every employee of theirs on the same page.

With the software in hand, corporates can simply have the script customized and made as a business instant messenger exclusively for their organization. No more limitations or additional charges for any add-ons. They can now bid adieu to those hefty subscription charges and use the platform for all lifetime, for free!!

Coming as the perfect replacement providing instant messaging for businesses, the software comes as a package with several features that will make businesses never rely on emails and phone calls anymore.

Here’s why!

Not every employee is hooked up to their desktop computers all day. And in the case of remote workers, you cannot really rely only on desktop software to connect with them. And coming as software compatible to both desktop computers and smartphones; GroupRocket assists employers stay in touch with their associates at all times and employees will never have the need to switch between their computers and mobile phones. The software comes as mobile applications and also a website and since both versions work in sync, any change a user makes at the app or website, immediately reflects at the other.

Being an app, the software has to be uploaded to the play store and once at the store the app bears the liability to be downloaded and installed by any smartphone user. Making the organization’s classified communication accessible to anyone and everyone with a smartphone. And that’s why GroupRocket comes with a secure feature where employees are required to register at the app and website and can only do so with an authenticated email invite. Might sound a little old school; but in terms of keeping the app from becoming a playground for cyber-pickers, the software does come with the right feature.

Once receiving an authorized invite, employees can register at the app entering all required fields, uploading pictures, mentioning their designation, contact details etc. and create profiles of their own. Once done with creating profiles, they can then start a conversation with a colleague right away.

Not just private messaging, this business instant messenger also facilitates employees to join groups or create new ones, providing options for having a group conversation with the whole team anytime. With multiple team channels, managers and team heads can manage the business more efficiently from wherever they are with nothing but just their smartphones. Just shoot a query and have it answered by anyone right away.

With multiple channels and as a member of different teams, managers can now easily keep themselves updated on what goes around the workplace. Assigning tasks, clarifying their associates’ queries, receiving updates are all just a click away. Team Management would have never been this easy.

Ever had to postpone a meeting since a colleague wasn’t able to show up on time? Not anymore. Start a conversation at anytime from anywhere. Team discussions come easy with the software and when a colleague couldn’t be online at the app or website, he/she can always follow up on the discussion at the team chat anytime.

This team chat software GroupRocket allows users share files in any format from text documents and images to even videos and presentations. File transfer comes instant and simple. And as for accessing files shared days ago; every message and file shared at the software are retained for life. And users won’t have to scroll through pages of chat; they can get to any message or file with the simple search feature. No more long irksome email threads or annoying phone calls anymore. Just a click, file transfer and retention are that easy and of course instant.

As for file transfer, this software comes hooked with Dropbox, Github, Twitter, Mailchimp etc. and provides provisions for integrating several other software that organizations are in need of. Never will the users have the need to get to another platform to transfer a file.

Making instant messaging for businesses possible is the software’s feature to provide instant notifications on every message received at the team chat or as a private message with which users can get to a conversation right away without any delay. Not only for messages received; users also get notified on the files and messages they send as well, making the software less fun for that prankster colleague.

Adding to the list of benefits is the software’s feature to provide a list of all recent activity at the app or website. And missing out an organizational activity is now never a possibility.

Push notifications, altering settings, switching notifications on or off, editing user profiles and knowing the availability of a colleague at the app or website before texting him/her are some of the additional features that users can greatly rely on to have an effective instant communication.

Authorizing clients, organizations can even have their customers register at this business instant messenger and be regularly updated on the project and mention their demands and get queries clarified instantly.

Not just corporate organizations or businesses, even entrepreneurs with the intention to start a business providing a common communication platform for businesses can choose the software and start one with ease. And from subscription charges and group chat services to file storage services and ad spaces; the software’s revenue generating potential is sky high.

Why depend on other businesses and pay large sums to ‘rent’ a fraction of the software to run your business? When you can have a whole platform exclusively for your organization for FREE!! Interested in having a group communication platform for your own? Get to know the software better.

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