5 Awesome Marketing Tools for startups

In today’s world, a marketer must be a Renaissance man. People sometimes tend to forget about the amount of software tools a marketer has to master in order to be successful at his job. Most of the time, besides thinking of your client’s SEO, social media, email and content marketing, you have to remember to market yourself as well. When you are responsible for almost all of the aspects of your client’s marketing campaign, your toolbox must be ready at hand at all times.

Listing all of the tools you need to master would be a difficult, no scratch that – a scary job. There are simply too many of them and it seems that the number of them just keeps on growing by the day. So in no particular order, here is a list of five awesome marketing tools which every expert uses on the regular.

  1. HootSuite

If you are managing multiple clients at the same time, you have to be ready for some excessive planning and scheduling. With HootSuite, you can post on all of your media accountsat ease; each account has its own worksheet. You can pre-schedule everything you want to post on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc., and there is a nice preview option so you can know how it will look like.

  1. Evernote

Some of your best ideas come naturally. You cannot predict the time and place of the next brainstorm that hits you, and chances are you probably will not find yourself behind your computer. As a cross-platform app, Evernote allows the user to make notes on the go, storing them for later, allowing user to sync and edit them at any time and at any place.

  1. AutopilotHQ

Autopilot is a tool that will help connect your systems and crate an automated journey for all of your customers. It is a marketing platform that can connect with a whole range of different applications. It integrates with popular tools such as Saleforce, Slack and Zapier, etc. making it easy for you to connect and message across online and offline channels. Autopilot has a drag and drop user friendly interface that is easy and intuitive to use and this company just keeps on growing.

  1. Convertable

You have to learn as much as you can about your leads and Convertable will provide detailed analytics for all of them.This WordPress plug-in is as useful as any CRM software out there, but is not complicated to use.  The software tracks the victors in real time, instantly sending you information via email. Convertable provides much more data than your average contract form – geo-locations, keywords, previous visits or even the browser the person used to visit your site.

  1. Soolve

The first step in optimizing your searchabillity is knowing what the target demographic is looking for. When you type your keywords in the search box, Soolve combines the suggestions from fifteen different search engines. It lets you see the autocomplete suggestions not only from Google, but also from sites like Wikipedia, YouTube and Amazon. In addition, there is a neat little option of adding your own company logo in the top left corner, making it look more impressive.

If you are a professional, this list might seem redundantly easy when compared to the stuff which you use for your daily needs. Most of skilled experts are already well familiar with advanced multi level marketing software and consider HootSuite and similar as tools of their apprentices. Don’t worry, you’ll get to that point as well.


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