5 WordPress plugins to generate more traffic to your website

The key to success for any site is the audience, yet most of our sites have been active online for a while and don’t have enough visibility on the Internet. Have you ever thought why? There could be a lot of reasons to begin with, but one of the basic flaws which we found common was the lack of social plugins. If you are using WordPress that is.

Why should you consider adding a social media plugin to WordPress? Simple, they help you to drive more traffic to your website and add features and give you information that you might otherwise not known. Some plugins come with social share options which allow sharing of your content on social media, others help with search engine optimization, while some help to categorize the posts and pages within your blog so that they show up in search engine results. No matter what the benefit is, adding a plugin is a great way to have more visitors and enhance the visibility of your website. Here are some great plugins that you could use:



Digg is great plugin for your WordPress since it offers very easy-to-use sharing buttons. A sliding share bar allows you to share the article on popular social networking websites. You can always add the button at the top or bottom of the article if you don’t want them to float down as you read. Digg allows you to share on all the popular social media websites including LinkedIn, Reddit and Pinterest. Adding sharing buttons to your article is one of the easiest way to drive traffic to your website and increase your traffic many times over.

Yoast’s WordPress SEO

Yoast is a frequently used plugin that comes along with other plugins that add more features and the entire system works together. WordPress SEO by Yoast comes with lots of SEO optimizations giving you more traffic that you can imagine! WordPress SEO comes along with a manual telling the user how to use it and how to make those optimizations using the plugin. This make Yoast’s WordPress the best plugin out there and makes sure that it pushes your website up the Google ranks.

W3 Total Cache

This is a great plugin that increases the performance of your website. It increases the access speed of your website and when a visitor visits your site, it’ll load faster creating a more delightful user experience. This is because when placed, it makes a cache of your entire website allowing it to load faster. Hence visitors spend more time on your website and the probability of sharing the website is also higher.

Google XML Sitemaps

 Why is indexing you posts and pages so important? No matter how robust and in-depth search engines are, they can’t scout through too much information if it’s not structured and clear.  When you set up a site map, it guides search engine crawlers around your website. Google XML Sitemap plugin allows crawlers to see the entire structure of your blog and hence it’ll easily show up in Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing searches. Since everything is clearly indexed, every post and page will show up in search results. You just have to enable it and it will run automatically.

Social Metrics

Social Metrics help you track the number of shares across all social networks. The results are produced in a neat table format that gives an overview of the sharing activity. Using social Metrics will highlight some things and you’ll know which social network your content is being read more often and what makes your content click. When you know what makes your content popular with the readers, you can use that success model in other posts as well.

These are some of the best plugins you can use to generate more traffic and give yourself some bragging rights!

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