Vancouver’s real estate hosting provider, BCHN works to provide a cost effective solution

So I’ve noticed some interesting market trends when reviewing the Canadian Dollar VS United States Dollar, and their technology correlations. You might find it interesting that Canadians (for the most part) rely on hosting companies located within the USA. Canadians also tend to either be lazy or very loyal customers, as very few webmasters switched to their locally hosted or web server solutions, and continued to work with companies such as Godaddy, Hostgator and Bluehost.


Those who were able to adapt to the shift in foreign currency were able to help, not only from savings, but also in terms of local web search results. This is largely due to low latency times and bandwidth for local traffic.

It’s not mystery that search engines tend to rank local business on local hosting, higher in everyday search results – sometimes up to 60% higher. Shared hosting has become a problem in the USA, with so many websites on the same shared IP address, the sheer number of websites from different business sectors or genres can cause confusion on the IP block. For example: Suppose one website is geared more towards one particular demographic (18-25 Male) in the adult content space. This business category is often times flagged as inappropriate for everyday viewers. Now suppose another website is trying to gain traction with search results in the niche sector of Real Estate. Because the two websites are sharing the same IP address (yet different owners), the real estate business sector would have a difficult time maintaining a white label reputation.

Internet hygiene is very important for security, privacy, and is used as a ranking factor. Taking several factors into consideration, we recommend BCHN as Vancouver’s Real Estate Web Hosting provider, being that they’ve maintained a 99.9% up-time in over 1 year. Their price point also seems competitive, and while Canadian companies sometimes charge in USD, they have allocated customer pricing in Canadian Currency.