Snail Bob 8: Island Story Review

Boredom is very powerful and can also be frustrating. Everyone has their own way in order to fight boredom. Some only prefer to walk, read books, and some call their friends to hang out, but if you’re looking for an excellent way in order to fight boredom, play a puzzle game. There are many free puzzle games available online, and one of the best is the Snail Bob game series.
Snail Bob 8: Island Story is a sequel of the Snail Bob game series, in which all of the games are very played and addicting. Just like the previous versions, Snail Bob 8 is all about the adventures of Snail Bob. To play the game, you just need to lead Snail Bob in order to find its way across the ocean and to go back home. Furthermore, you can collect numerous items along the adventure. There will be upgrades in the game, which made this fun little game really enjoyable to play.

The main character in this game is Snail Bob, a very determined little creature, who’s always on the go, but in order to stop him, you need to incarnate him in shell by simply clicking on him. You can also possibly speed his movements through the use of the numbered buttons. You primary duty as the player is to guide Snail Bob to move in correct path; however, you need proper attention when to make him stop as disasters and obstacles are everywhere. Another job that you need to play is to be the representative of Snail Bob to push the buttons, hunt the hungry persons, changing the levels. Failure to do so will end the life of Snail Bob, which means a game over for you.
Snail Bob game is very easy to be played, the only difficulty that can be faced in the game is finding the stars on every levels. The good news is, the stars are not really needed in order to help our dear Snail Bob to cross the oceans and reunite with his beloved grandfather.

In every level of the game, it enhances your creativity as well as your thinking powers and ability. If you wish to improve your logical reasoning and analytical skills, this game would be highly beneficial for you. By solving the puzzles, your analytical power and decision making ability to solve the real life problems will be improved and developed in you. Aside from those benefits mentioned, Snail Bob 8 is also good for young children in developing their minds and thinking abilities. Overall, the snail bob puzzle game is a great way in order to improve our metal abilities, especially for young people. This kind of game isn’t much played by the small kids due to the complexities of levels. However, for adult and growing children, this is more entertaining as it can stimulate their thinking abilities.
So, next time you get bored, just play the Snail Bob 8: Island Story, as this game can instantly remove the boredom in you.