ANICASE: Buy Cute iPhone Cases For A Cause!

“Out of sight is out of mind,” the saying holds good for anyone in the world. What say about the endangered species? For our next generation, animals like Gorilla and Siberian tiger will be just a myth. The government is making a major effort to protect these animals from extinction and so are the founders of ANICASE.

ANICASE make the world a delightful place by creating cute, colourful and educational animal iPhone cases with unique 3D features. The best part is 10% of the profits go for protecting endangered species. This season go animal friendly with ANICASE.

Shin Han and Bo Han are the co-founders of ANICASE. The modest duo of brother-and- sister is from NC. Bo is working as a business development executive at Twitter. Shin is an engineer at Razorfish.

The impeccable idea for the start-up was phrases by Shin. She has been an animal lover all her life and really attuned to the efforts of the World Wildlife Fund. Shin wanted to design endangered animal cases for iphones. And Bo pitched the idea to give away ten percent of the net profits to the WWF or for any conservation society.”


“We thought it was a good idea, and did some research. We found a factory and made a trip down to Hong Kong, and they agreed to make the cases for us. For the plastic wrapping, we found another factory in Seoul that minimized their use of plastic and used recycled plastics,” stated Bo.

Soon the product hyped in the market and spread through the word of mouth. While Bo was working at Microsoft, he gifted her few iPhone case manufactured by them, while she was switching to DailyCandy.

To the surprise, all of the editors and folks at DailyCandy loved it. They featured it and that went to two million women and received thousands of orders for the case. It was a pleasant moment as well as the first biggest challenge they came across. INCASE started as a small-scale enterprise in BO apartment, which has proudly grown full pledged company now.

INCASE has launched a modest product for the well fare of the animals. INCASE is aspiring to be a good consumer brand with slogan “A Case for a Cause: Anicase.” It sentient people about endangered species and bring it to every day products (like a phone case), with the aesthetics, and support of doing good while purchasing it.


The founders are looking forward to expand out from just iPhone cases to other tech products and accessories. They also wish to align with even more bigger causes like HIV awareness or breast cancer research, any non-profitable causes to render help.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about non-profits in general, and how to do fundraising. I think that the default for a lot of these foundations and non-profits has revolved around runs and walk. But I think that these non-profits could use more good merchandising strategies – it can be a good revenue stream that can help your non-profits or for-profits be a lot more responsible as well.” exclaimed the founder.

What cause is better than saving the innocent habitats around?

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