Workplace diversity represented beautifully by EqualTogether

et_hp EqualTogether was Founded by Nina Alter who has 20 years of experience as a  designer in product development & publishing, with the past 10 years experience  alone in technology. She’s worked on teams at a wide variety of organizations,  including Yahoo!, Adobe, Palm, and began her career as an Art Director in the  early years of Surface Magazine. Social entrepreneurship and hacks on the market economy for good have been lifelong passions,before starting up EqualTogether.

EqualTogether is an opt-in analytics & benchmarking platform for capturing human capital metrics from resume solicitation to employee tenures, and publishing those numbers in a standardized fashion to tell the most human & compelling diversity narratives possible.


Nina says, “In May of 2014 I was offered a modest grant by an investor friend, to take a break from my usual work and instead focus on research towards developing solutions for the inequality in Tech problem.”

Her focus was ideating around solution prospects and methods on how one can measure the performance of an idea? where this process was essential for product development, measurement is critical in helping teams understand where an implemented idea shines and where it may need refinement—or if it just needs to be abandoned outright.

“As a designer, my conviction on this has been proven throughout my 20yr career. So, EqualTogether was born.” adds Nina Alter.

What were the challenges she faced ?

She is currently looking for an efficient CTO co-founder, who shares her passion for EqualTogether’s mission and values  for social entrepreneurship, someone who would take on a multitude of roles easily and someone who is trustworthy. This has been challenging for her. “At times it feels like finding a guy to start a family with, would be easier” She jokingly adds.

EqualTogether in a Gist

EqualTogether gives an open-access to a company’s workforce cultural, gender diversity numbers, and building a community among same-sector businesses to share information amongst one another for enabling workplace culture transformation to happen at the pace expected of market innovation. All of this presented in an user friendly intuitive manner will a compelling visual and informative narratives to anyone who is interested in knowing them.

What is EqualTogether Trying to Solve?

Workplace diversity needs solid measures presented clearly & cleanly for intuitive comparison by the general public and industry insiders, to help navigate next-steps for change. The founder Nina comes from a background in human centered design and has a design education, naturally aesthetics and functional usability are pretty high priorities.

Federal reporting agencies that keep collected information private & only update their collection methods every 10 years, and services that “crowdsource” information from only individuals who wish to participate, are our only known competition. As Uber and Airbnb are seeking to transform the staid & heavily regulated taxi and hotel industries, EqualTogether is said to be similarly challenging the questionably effective EEOC and USDL commissions.

They are looking to expand into other workplace sectors, such as Finance, Healthcare, and Public Safety in the longer run.

EqualTogether’s audience and users are the general public, the media, talent prospects and existing employees who are a part of their Partner Companies. Currently they are only serving businesses in the US, as policies on workforce data collection & reporting vary a great deal worldwide and will expand to other countries in due course of time.

Their Revenue Model is through paid plans available to companies who wish to participate at a deeper level though, and for these businesses EqualTogether will offer API based, daily reporting on diversity statistics that extend beyond EEO-1 survey data, access to EqualTogether’s Partner Network, and the option of richer private-facing reporting on human capital transformation.

Their paid offerings and other details can be found on the website

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