AppTweak helps you increase visibility for your apps

AppTweak is an App Store Optimization (ASO) platform that helps to increase app’s visibility and organic downloads in the App Store. Founded by Olivier Verdin and Sebastien Dellis, it provides “an instant App Marketing report for each app from the app store (Apple App Store and Google Play Store). This report is automated and personalized. It reviews all the ASO elements of any app and points out its strengths and weaknesses with recommendations on how to improve it. ”

“We also built a strong keywords tool helping any app developer or marketer to find the best keywords for their apps.” says Laurie Galazzo, content strategist at AppTweak. The keyword tool is based on a “home-made algorithm” providing native and optimized keywords in 6 languages – French, English, Dutch, German and Portuguese. “These keywords are therefore not automatically translated like our competitors do, but they are genuine optimized keywords for each language. It’s important to understand that a translated keyword might loose its meaning or strength from one language to another.” Laurie explains.  There are totally over 1.4 million apps in the Apple store and the Google app store, and ASO is “inevitable for any app developer or marketer willing to stand out from the crowd”. AppTweak helps developers to get more visibility for their apps in the app store, increase traffic and get more downloads.


“We thought that providing a report going through the ASO of any app and providing a global score would help users to get started with ASO.” Laurie says. One of the primary goals of AppTweak is to “educate people on the importance of ASO as well as on the best practices.” There is a  ASO University, which is a series of videos teaching ASO. AppTweak also has a blog where the ASO related articles are largely written.

The main challenge for AppTweak has been “to convince investors of the worthiness of such a business”. This is because, there hasn’t been adequate awareness regarding the App Store Optimization globally yet. Another challenge has been “to find a unique positioning” amidst the competitors. “We’re the only ASO platform providing an ASO report and native keywords (not automatically translated).” Laurie tells us.

Laurie does recognize that there are other ASO platforms, some ASO consultants and 360° app marketing solutions providing ASO services. These are AppTweak’s competitors. However, AppTweak is “growing every week”. “Currently, we have a daily increase in sales of 8%. ” says Laurie.

Laurie says that going forward, they aim to improve their ASO report and to simplify user experience by centralizing the platform in a single page. Also, there are plans to add more features to the ASO report and perform a deeper analysis of each app. Laurie also reveals, “We want to enable users to view their app’s performance on a higher level by analyzing their iTunes page and back links.”

AppTweak is the only platform that provides native and optimized keywords rather than auto-translated keywords and hence it hopes to lead the keywords tool market, especially in languages other than English.

AppTweak’s target users are Indie App Developers, Game Studios, App Marketers in the USA and Europe.

Monetization is taken care of in 3 ways –

– SaaS (Online platform based on a freemium model)
– Consulting (A consulting service is offered with a complete ASO audit and report)
– Also currently, an API is being developed and that will be sold to agencies.

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