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Challengera is a Sweden based technology company that was started by Arnaud Henneville and Magnus Malmberg. In an interview with Startup dope, Arnaud tells us about why he co-founded challengera, the working of it and a lot more.

Arnaud Henneville holds an MBA from the University Of Leicester (UK) and is the co-founder and CEO at He has received the recognition of ‘extraordinary thinker’ by Switch and Shift in the US. Arnaud is also a guest lecturer at his alma mater. After many years in sales and a sales-director role in a global management consultancy firm, Arnaud decided to start his own company together with a former colleague, Magnus Malmberg.


Challengera is disrupting the executive industry. Indeed, the company brings to the ‘masses’ what was previously reserved to the elite – and it does so via a web-based social platform. It is essence of the first change platform. It gamifies business roll-outs to foster employee-engagement and accelerated execution. This company works with all sorts of corporations – small and large, local and global, recognized (even Fortune 100) and less so recognized – to support them in executing important initiatives faster, in increasing employee engagement and in analyzing/visualizing business outcomes in real-time. When asked about what the motivation behind this idea was, Arnaud said that it was their experience with Change Management that led them to conclude that, given the mega-trends such as demographic change,tech acceleration and penetration, consumerization of enterprise applications/products, companies will need to be flat/fluid to survive engaging people at the emotional level via mobile devices. That would be the way to execute serious business initiatives.


The problem at hand is that change is difficult at the organizational level because it is notoriously painful to change at the personal level. This translates into a very expensive process for corporations and leaders across the world as they try to move their companies forward. Their solution to this is to compete with the normal way of ‘making it happen’ in a company e.g. Leaders trying to cascade core messages in their organizations. This is typically done with emails and PPTs. Most ambitious companies have ‘modern’ tools such as Yammer (Microsoft). Those who have tried have concluded though that ‘chatters’ do not drive change and deliver business-results.

Challengera is already leading the curve and will remain ahead thanks to the many great companies it works with. Challengera’s main aim is to have physical representations in the major business hubs starting with the US. Whilst change has until now been imposed onto employees (PUSH), they are making it a PULL exercise. With their tools, people are excited about change as they make it a personally rewarding experience. They are mainly based in Europe but are setting a global network of partners (mostly consulting firms) interested in leveraging their tools and expertise to add value to their own clients. They are already in several countries. The US is a representation of an important target-market as they secure work with Global Fortune 100 companies. Already funded in Europe, they are now interested (with the right partner) in a round to accelerate the execution of their growth plans.

The pace of change is forever accelerating. Their vision is a simple one – support companies around the world to succeed in their important internal initiatives so that they can adapt faster to the ever-changing demands of their customers.

Do check out their website – .

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