Augmented reality location-based app, “PoliteHelp” has launched crowdfunding

Augmented reality location-based app, “PoliteHelp” has launched a crowdfunding campaign on  The goal is to bring PoliteHelp, a revolutionary online help portal, to market.  PoliteHelp bills itself as “the biggest marketplace for freelancers globally and from your neighborhood”. Through the innovative synchronization of location and available, skilled help, PoliteHelp is able to provide users with the ability to use one platform for tasks that can be completed both remotely and in-person.


Unlike competitors in the market such as Fiverr, Angie’s List, PeoplePerHour and Elance, PoliteHelp is based on augmented reality coupled with great local service.  The platform is more than an online help portal like the others, it can take things offline and come directly to the user’s home or office to assist with the requested task.

Freelancers visit the site to advertise their skills, talents and services.  Customers are able to select their preferred freelancer and pay a fee to work with them.  The freelancer is only paid after the work is completed.  PoliteHelp keeps 20% of the agreed upon fee for having connected the two together.  The company also charges a $10 monthly fee for businesses to maintain their upgraded business accounts.


PoliteHelp CEO, Sanem Avcil said, “Augmented And Virtual Reality To Hit $150 Billion, Disrupting Mobile By 2020.  We are poised to be the game-changer in the industry.”

The technology necessary to develop the app into an easy-to-use platform that will run on all Android smartphones and iPhones will take a team of IT engineers.  PoliteHelp plans to bring the app to market in February 2016 by using the crowdfunding strategy on EquityNet to raise enough capital to fund the project.  To further entice backers, the page has several different options for investments including dividends and ownership percentages.

Avcil said, “I am committed to making Politehelp a global success while helping everyone around the world who needs assistance.  I am also surrounded by a great team that is helping me get Politehelp up and running.”

For more information, visit the official PoliteHelp EquityNet website:, the official PoliteHelp website:,