Breeze Is The E-ZPass For Gas

Are you tired of living through the hassling process at the gas stations? Let’s face it, even though you have the patience that passes all understanding, the money paid for it is not worth it. After a tiresome day, you pull out the car and go through unnecessary exasperating procedures to refill the gas. Absolutely, not happening!

Breeze is determined to ease the encumbrance. It is an E-ZPass for gas. It is a RFID sticker lets you save money at the gas station by paying through your checking account. Now you do not need to do anything, just pull in into the gas station; let the gas fill and drive away. This puts an end to bearing an unending queue at the convenient stores, swiping a card, and punching in your zip code.


Justin and David are men behind Breeze. The friends-cum-partners duo has earnest knacks for technology and payment. To merge both the line of work, they figured that the gas stations charge the credit card companies unduly then brainstormed at how to get around it. How to handle the payments at a lower cost to pass on the savings to consumers, and what technology would provide for a seamless experience.

The price of gas has drooped with the inceptions of Breeze. It actually slashes down the price of gas for consumers at the gas station with an easy, seamless transaction process.

The use of Breeze can reduce the worth of a credit card in gas stations. With ExxonMobil’s Speedpass, it is linked to a credit card so it’s really easily hacked and you still have to punch in your zip code like with a regular credit card transaction.


The Breeze service is available work at every gas station brand. “We’ve been testing with our partners in the Mid-Atlantic region, and we’re planning to grow across the US, Canada, the UK… people drive cars all around the world.”

The revenue is generated from a little share on each transaction. It is least when compared with any credit card company makes for your gas purchase. However, the frequency and the number of gas users are massive. Therefore, the revenue sums up to be huge!

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