StaRating  Well-runs Your Barlays Premier League’s Obsession!

“If United win by more than one goal they will replace Chelsea at the top of the Division 1 table after the Blues moved into first place thanks to a 3-1 win at West Ham United.” The recent updates on premier leagues is making revolutions and enthralling the football fans at the stadiums.

For the football addicts who can’t make it to  the pitch and in spite of a busy schedule they still have enticed their hearts to the match, don’t even miss a bit of the pursuit. StaRating is here to give you a live update on the prevailing match, straight from the sports ground.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Liverpool v Swansea City - Anfield

StaRating is a cross-platform app that allows users to gaze on  instant Barclays Premier League match rundowns. The updates are unique is as they’re fan generated. The audiences witnessing the match quickly post their input on player ratings in their profiles, sharing them with friends via social media and contributing to each players.

StaRating also reports on the average score of that match, for the users who unfortunately missed a game, they can simply use the app to see the latest score, all the key match details and an overview of how each player has performed according to fans who did see the game. The StaRating platform gives rise to a unique set of statistics, allowing users to see who the best players are each week according to those that matter most – the fans.

The Counterparts, Who Made It Big!

Bruno Noble-Marketing Professional
Tom Powell-Lawyer

Bruno and Tom are very new to the start-up business. They are comates since 10 years and a couple of years ago they designed the concept  what is now StaRating together.

” It has been, and continues to be, one hell of a journey, but we keep pushing it further and surprising ourselves. We now have three full-time staff and are really excited by how StaRating is shaping up. It’s a cliché, but it’s amazing what you can do with a dream, determination, and a little luck.”, stated Bruno Noble, Founder.

Bruno and Tom are Avid Premier League freaks (Arsenal).Once they were screening the reviews on already covered match through the paper and figured the reviewer was probably drunk, mad, or had slept through the game (and hoped all of his readers had too). T

he duos decided that fans shouldn’t be left to depend on so-called experts, no one knows more than fans do. If they’ve missed the match, they should be able to see a breakdown according to their fellow fans. And if they’ve seen it, they should be able to very quickly and easily generate and share their own ratings. The grounds of StaRating was rooted.


 The Applauding Features

Fan clubs seem to be commercially influenced on their decision, or becoming the play things of men richer than most of us to be honest. StaRating’s aim is to give Premier League fans a real, genuine piece of added value, by ultimately uniting fans under a single banner, making it less easy to ignore the StaRating finesse.

Apps like Forza 90′, CrowdScores and the recently shelved SportNG have been seen with the similar opportunities, but have different approach Invariably they offer huge amounts of information, from various leagues, and provide users with multiple ways of engaging with matches and ranking various elements of them which is perplexing.

“Our approach has been to offer our users a clean, pure and intuitive experience, sticking to our core ideas and not doing too much, too soon. Then as users let us know what additional features might be complementary, we try to incorporate them.”


Features Awaiting

Once StaRating is made its way into the Premier League, seamless developments will be nailed for other major football leagues of Europe.  It will be a matter of adapting for other popular team sports. The indispensable model of rating, sharing and gathering passionate fans together into a unified voice, holds a universal appeal.

Currently, its monetization power is built around partnerships. The more the users rate games, the more media outlets will be interested in broadcasting the statistics (e.g. pitting the fans up against their experts).

 StaRating is for all fans of the English Premier League. Even for those who aren’t interested in sharing their own views on player performance, they an insight into matches. StaRating is also producing a lot of engaging content through blogs and Twitter account, so I think StaRating as an overall accompaniment to the Premier League is exciting prospect for a lot of people.

So, stay connected to know how your favorites are joggling the match!

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