Bright Candidate is here to find you a perfect job

Bright Candidate, a startup by Chris Wyse and Jason Newmoyer aims to reduce the cost associated with contingent based employment services and be a more effective tool than popular data based resume search systems. Chris Wyse is a computer scientist and solutions architect at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington MA and Jason Newmoyer is the self-employed owner at Newmoyer Geospatial Solutions in Charleston,SC. Both founders met and worked on Defense programs for the US Navy in Charleston, SC.

They believe in an economically sustainable model/platform where candidates and employers can be matched without paying exorbitant costs or having to deal with staggering number of stale leads.

“We utilize newer search technologies in concert with a controlled process on our platform for employers and candidates to quickly find and discern what is crucial or interesting about each other.” Chris says.

Their fee is contingent on hire, lower than industry standards, refundable, and passed on largely to the candidate. Candidate privacy is insured, they control the conversation as employers are approaching them. This is a talent pool for sought after skill sets in IT, Engineering, Medical, and Life Sciences.

Chris adds that “Contingent employment offers up front along with candidate preference filters insure everyone is in the same ballpark; we don’t try to control the negotiating or an employer’s HR processes much beyond our introductions”.

Their initial idea which they were working on for a combination software and hardware solution had them looking for talent themselves. After examining the landscape they were floored by the cost and/or ineffectiveness of the existing services. That coupled with the recruiters showing interest in their idea led us to build Bright Candidate. Their initial hurdle was rushing towards completing a system while simultaneously working for a living.

“There is a 4 Billion dollar a year industry around monetizing the accomplishments of job seekers to corporate HR offices where they are overwhelmed with the necessary knowledge of many special requirements and the volume they need to sift in order to compete. Both parties are not well served by the middleman in either high cost contingent or dubious resume data search based services. We lower the cost, and allow candidates to be the recipient of what is spent. Ultimately we believe the highest quality candidates will move towards our model, economic incentive.” he says.

There are new solutions every month in recruiting, auction based and match based strategies to solve the issues of stale resumes or offering more attractive economic incentives (higher salaries)but they say that they don’t believe those services are creating sustainable practices.

They just want to make the most effective matches and help people find the right jobs and the recruiters the right candidate. He believes that they can move beyond the initial sectors of IT, Engineering, Medical, and Life Science into Management and highly specialized sectors that don’t get the exposure the others do.

He says, “Our target audience is anyone looking for talent at reasonable prices, and candidates that want to monetize their own hard work instead of someone else doing that. We have a contingent based fee that severely undercuts the industry standards for specialized skill sets. We are a volume based service with extremely low overhead. We are technologists looking to automate almost every aspect of this process.”


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