Make Your Meetings Productive With Solid!

Are you tired of having meetings after meeting discussing the same agenda and not coming up with a concrete plan or solution? If yes, then this new app called Solid is here to rescue you from this never ending ordeal!

With this app you will always have productive and actionable meetings every time you step into that conference room. Run effective and easy meetings with Solid. Get the meeting agenda, tasks and decisions instantly in your mailbox.

Make Your Meetings Productive With Solid!

Meet The Great Minds Behind It All!

Solid was conceptualized and co-founded by Romain David, Andreï Vestemeanu and Guillaume Potier.

“As long as I can remember, I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit and it was quite obvious for me to launch my own company when I finished school. The idea actually occurred to my associates and I when all lectures and conferences we attended lacked interactivity and discussion with the audience”, says Romain.

Know The App Better!

Meetings – everyone hates them, everyone does them. Solid promises to change that, by prepping attendees for a meeting beforehand, helping keep things focused on the agenda, and providing actionable summaries only minutes afterward. This app is here to make a powerful statement by making every single meeting productive.

The Inspiration!

“Solid is powered by Wisembly. At Wisembly, we’ve been working on optimizing all types of meetings (conference calls, trainings, events) for 4 years now. But there is one category of meetings that we were not addressing so far and that was small meetings i.e. the meetings you run every day, with less than 15 people. The thought of making such meeting productive is what inspired Solid”, says the team.

Make Your Meetings Productive With Solid!

On The Journey Ahead, Target Audience & More

“We are very optimistic about our new product and the need it is about to fulfill. Right now only the sky is the limit”, says the team when asked about their expansion plans.

Further, it was crucial for the team to know who their early adopters and future users are going to be. Therefore, they ran a survey to know more about their target audience and to know exactly what they were expecting with a solution such as Solid.

Their finding plainly suggested that the market in the long term is huge because everyone does meetings. However, at the moment, since the team is still in beta launching, they have narrowed down their target audience to small businesses and startups using apps such as evernote, slack and Google.

For the team their next move on Solid is to get synched with Evernote and Slack.

Finally, when it comes down to monetizing the app, Solid is free for now and in beta. The team will soon be launching a pro version that will enable users to take the most out of every meeting.

In short, folks get ready to revolutionize your meetings! To know more about Solid and to subscribe to its beta, do visit:

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