Can Google Glass Explorer Edition make it this time?

 Google glass is not a weird-looking gadget sitting on your face. But sadly it is nothing more than a wearable smart phone. Hence, it died an ignominious death much before it could prove its worth. Google’s next glass called Explorer Edition is expected to get better with the criticism that came along the first version.

Google glass is a wearable technology that enables to take pictures, record video, get direction, send messages, and make phone calls. It also gives access to the Google+ plus hangouts and lets the users search on Google. These features that are already available in every smart phone makes Google Glass a less of a use. The only advantage is you don’t have to hold a mobile in your hand while doing anything else.


The new version has customized the device with a small prism that doesn’t block other views for the user. It has only two buttons at the rim for operating camera and the power button. The touch sensor that helps to swipe in and swipe out the information is the same as previous version.

As per the sources, Explorer Edison will be foldable and rugged as firmer glass was unbendable and fragile. But to take a note, it also needs to have exceptionally added features for appreciation. Google’s advice is to use the Glass not more than two hours because it has less battery life.

When it comes to visualisation, many users have complained that they have to look up inconveniently through the prism to read the information. And people having eyesight problem didn’t find it of use at all. Explorer Edison happens to be upgraded just a little as a smart phone, but the question is,is it worth $1500?






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