Change Your Mind, Expand Your Business – It’s all in your head.

As an entrepreneur, you want your business to grow and succeed, which is reliant on a number of factors – your customers, the economy, and your products.  But equally important and perhaps greater than all of these is the mindset you have as an entrepreneur.  If you have an overly negative outlook, this will adversely affect the growth of your business, and perhaps run it into the ground.  So you need to have the right mindset if you want to be successful as an entrepreneur.


Stay grounded in reality

It’s important to stay positive, but you need to keep yourself grounded in reality and not let your focus be detracted by fantasies and pure idealism, as these can be more detrimental than helpful.  In other words, don’t pretend that everything is fine with your business when it isn’t, that only makes you delusional rather than a forward-thinking entrepreneur.  You need to be realistic and honest with yourself if your business is not doing well, rather than just assuming that things will get better on their own.

Understand that money is not everything

As an entrepreneur, you are out to make money, but that shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind.  You also have other things to consider like your values and ideals, your customers, your employees, your vision for your business, and so on.  If you’re just looking to make a quick buck, cutting corners and abusing your employees, that’s highly problematic.

Take action when needed

As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to lead your business in the right direction.  That doesn’t involve trying to let it run on autopilot, so to speak, or letting others run it for you – it means that you need to be proactive and look for the best solutions for your enterprise.  Remember, you’re accountable for everything in your business – be it your successes or your failures.

Have the right attitude

Don’t be overly cynical and negative about the prospects of your business, but don’t do the opposite and approach everything with blind optimism, either.  If you’re running a business, then you need to be pragmatic above all else, with realistic goals and expected outcomes rather than lofty goals and wishful thinking.

Aim for progress rather than security

Don’t just play things safe – if you have a choice between a risk that you could take that could help your business grow or maintaining the status quo, you should go with the former.  You need to be a visionary if you’re running a business, rather than expecting things to run themselves and never taking any risks.  After all, no business ever got anywhere without taking risks.

Find beautiful solutions

You need to consider outcomes over simple task-completion.  If you can’t think about the long-term results of something, you won’t do well as an entrepreneur.  If you can find a new market for an existing product, that’s also something you should take advantage of, because historical precedence shows that such a business approach can yield highly successful results.

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