Cloudfinity Is Calibrated To Manage Your Swarming Data

Controlling the data has become a herculean task for anyone. Unorganized data sets can clutter all the efforts. In current scenario, the data is multiplying every second and we are desperately in need of robust technology to club together all the data files and store them in a structured manner.

Cloudfinity is about unifying all the cloud storage accounts someone might have into a single, virtual drive. Once unified, this space is presented to the user as a single point of access for all his/her files.
It is not just a file manager but a meaningful and easiest way to find and access your scattered files.

Now, take your data for granted and Cloudfinity will do the rest!

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Teaming it up

Stefan Neagu
Ovidiu Hrituc
Cezar Spatariu-Neagu
Joe Peters
Adrian Cioclei

They are a large spectrum of skills and energetic bunch. The members have domain knowledge in finance, IT infrastructure, developing core, high availability applications, customer service and UX/UI.

More than 470 million people use multiple cloud storage accounts. It is an enduring experience to access the files scattered on different cloud providers’. It’s not easy to keep track of every file. Cloudfinity unifies all the space available, for the user which makes this virtual drive transparent.

“With a diversified team, one member is in USA, another one is in Germany and the rest of the team is in Romania. We need to cover three time zones which was challenging”.

Cloudfinity is addressing your scattered files with different providers. It’s very hard to even remember what files are where, on which provider.Cloudfinity make it immaculately possible to retrieve files for the dump.



Doo-a German based company received approximate10 million euros. They were on right road for unifying the cloud storage they pivoted for reason unknown. I believe they were too early on the market.

By far, the main competitors are Jolicloud and Otixo. These are offering features of a file manager, while Cloudfinity is not based on folders anymore. There is no concept of folders in the tool. Cloudfinity tags “Enjoy your data” to its performance.

Shaping the Tool

Cloudfinity is ready for the smartphones users.It is built upon Titanium Framework for speed and validation. After beta and product validation, it will go native for each platform: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and desktop.
Cloudfinity is waiting with a long list but obviously, depending on the customer’s feedback.

Avail the exclusive offer

For the first 500 users that sign up on the landing page and send a tweet using the hashtag #EnjoyYourData, we’ll offer 6 months free subscription.

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