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Not everybody needs or wants to have a lorry, and most people can do most transport-related necessities with their cars, SUVs, or even motorcycles. But a lorry is the only road-legal land transportation (because train has its own railway), that moves things in bulk at single trip. Compared to other big-sized cars, a lorry is purpose-built to carry things; it is designed for one purpose, moving a large quantity of things including small and big efficiently. When used as a day-to-day basis vehicle to take you from point A to B, a lorry is not the most practical indeed. But in times when you need to move to a new address, deliver a great amount of goods to your customer, or anything related to moving stuffs, a lorry does a great job. Due to its large body and limited amount of seats, people tend to not buy a lorry as their main vehicle, but you can always hire one anytime necessary.


If you have just moved to a new address in Malaysia, chances are you need a mover to bring all your household items, appliances, clothing, closets, couches, tables, and everything else to the new location. A full-service mover or moving company can do a wide range of works from loading your furniture pieces to unloading them to your new address indeed, but finding one with the best price can be a difficult process. Of course you can manually look for any available service in your area, but the times you spend for negotiating, comparing prices between companies, asking details about truck size, and making other arrangements are better used for focusing on preparing your new home or planning on where to put the couch, TVs, computer desk, etc.


Just Lorry is an online service where you can book a mover from the comfort of home. Even better, you can choose a specific type of lorry based on dimension to suit your needs. Booking procedure is also easy with only four simple steps:


  1. Provide where-and-to postcodes
  2. Select a lorry based on size. Currently there are three available types including 1 tonne, 3 tonnes, and 5 tonnes capacity.
  3. Provide additional details if necessary. In case you have certain concerns, it is good to let Just Lorry know so it can forward the information to the mover (more on this later).
  4. Complete contact details and you are good to go.


Providing Details


It is probably the most important part of the deal with Just Lorry. If you are managing a do-it-yourself moving, many things or problems can arise which will end up costing you additional amount of money. The most common example is the needs for accessories such as dolly or packing blankets. If you inform it to Just Lorry before hand, the online service will have them covered. Even if you think you will not use those accessories, it is nice to have them available just in case.


Just Lorry takes 10% commission from successful deal between the moving company and customers.


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