Exosite: the regime for IoT Development

While the Internet of Things is trending in to the market, a contagious threat spreads across every industry to catch up with the pace. According to the statistic, around 50-75 billion devices will be pledged to the internet by 2020. With such scenarios, it is only wise to scale up the technology for the days of IoT. And if you are already planning to set up an IoT business, the future is in your hands.

While the Internet of things has been talk of the town since a year, companies like Google and Oracle have already firmed their bases for IoT development. Exosite is an IoT SaaS (Service as a Software) company that provides services to other software companies that are entrenching the IoT. The OME provides the ultimate IoT business solutions.


Exosite in partnership with Texas Instruments launched a cloud-based platform for IoT, which holds the potential of zero barrier, scalability, and data visualization for the connected devices.  The ‘Micro Vertical Engine Approach’ by Exosite unleashed connectivity of the internet-enabled devices. There is scope for infinite access to integrate data with any IoT devices. The process adds immediate value to set up IoT business and monetize it.

The working of the tool can be altered according to the wish list of the user  to accelerate any business verticals. The entitled platform allows you to install the traditional gadgets and turn them into talking devices. The open APIs  is responsible for embedding  devices, app and business system with the Exosite platform for an uninterrupted bondage. The flexibility of API allows the user to develop custom app that can be locked-in with the Exosite.

It implements a firm and open-internet protocols that is consistently tested and ceaselessly enhanced. Exosite serves sample plug-in codes for several devices that can be worked upon to connect with the platform instantly. The hardware and resourceful gateways gives way for seamless cloud connectivity and out of the box functionalities.


Exosite renders defined user experiences and access levels for the customers. The data encapsulation is done by pushing barriers in a hierarchical fashion.  Its lets you design and customize the user dashboard and the widgets as per the requisites. The interface allows you to add and manage innumerable users and product lines.

All IoT devices can be plug_and_play, with pre-configured dashboards, functionality, and alerts all prescribed by the user.  The automated device provisioning happens by controlling over the device behaviours for the complete product line in one go.The portable tools aids in-field updates from any part of the world, the user can push updates to the IoT devices remotely. With Exosite, explore the unbounded limits of IoT!




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