3 amazing future technologies that are starting out right now.

If you are reading this post, for sure you must be working with Technology or at least someone who loves to follow the latest trends in technology.

It doesn’t matter which category you fall into above, if you take action, this very post can really make you very popular maybe in the next 9 months!!

Basically, it is about 3 upcoming technologies, that will be more popular than the iPhone you have in your hand right now.

Disclaimer : We are in no way associated with these technologies, nor is it a paid promotion. It is up to you to consider these or not ( Imagine if you would have learnt mobile app development in 2007 🙂  You would have either got at least 1 million worth of projects by now or would have been a top product manager in some shining company drawing some insane amount for a salary )

Gone are those days when you would need to wait for years to get promoted or get a hike. We live in an age where if you follow trend & are well equipped and ready for the right Trend ***whooosh*** the wave will take you to the top in one big swoop! ( age doesn’t matter, applies to a 15 year old – or a 50 year old )

Having said that, here are 3 of those upcoming technologies ( which if you ignore now, will be some how forced to learn in a years time – but by then it will become a crowded space ) :

Virtual reality :


If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a growing heat in this area as if there is some voice whispering in your head while reading this.

 ” Thissss…. this is something that is gonna be in everything you touch …verrrrry soon… “

Did you know:
– Facebook’s entire plan in the near future is to connect all of its service into Virtual realty under a platform that is powered by its flagship product Oculus Rift ( which it earlier acquired for $2 Billion )
– Google have invested near $500 million into the Virtual realty start up Magic Leap.
– SamSung, Microsoft etc. are gearing up with their own platforms and gadgets coming up.
– Last year alone Virtual reality related startups have raised a little over $4 Billion in investments.

Hearing the word VIRTUAL REALTY many think it is about wearing a pair of VR Goggles and things you see in it. Well, that is just one dot in the universe of Virtual Realty. There are many more areas covered under it, to name a few: 3D printing, Remote operations, Robotics, Stimulation etc.

Tip: One advantage of choosing to learn Virtual reality is, there is no new programming language you need to learn 🙂  Anything you wanna do in VR can be done in the same language you know ( Java, Unity, C, C++ etc. )

Neural Networks :


Well, you can call it Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy logic, Natural language processing etc. Yes, I know that it’s been spoken about for a long time & there is nothing in action in this area yet. know why it has not come main stream yet? Because for the last 10 years there wasn’t enough ingredients present to start fueling the ideas. Time has arrived that all the essential ingredients have been carved out all and it’s all slowly surfacing. In 2 years time, don’t be amazed to see every single decision you take been taken by a Software or you getting suggestions from devices powered by AI algorithms ( Already we see the drizzle, like SIRI, Amazon echo etc. )

This will only grow to evolve. Soon it will go into Robotics, Self Driving cars, Home devices, Travel, Health etc. (all of which are available in their rudimentary forms already.

So go on and start putting head to study more of this trend or if you are in a project, starting taking up the parts that involve NLP etc. & in no time you will be riding on the major mammoth of a technology.  🙂

Big Data :


We spoke about Virtual realty, Neural Networks etc. One thing we can’t skip through is that for these areas to work, it requires massive piles of data to play with. By massive amount I mean, Terabytes of Data processing in fractions of a second ( Just imagine I give you all the tweets, Facebook conversations etc. happening this minute & ask for a sentiment analysis of… what is the mood of people in America this moment? )

To go through such heaps & heaps of dynamic data and mine nuggets of gold through rivers of conversations, you need to pre-process and structure data in a very disciplined manner. And to do that you need the help of BIG DATA analysis & related tools. Well, if you are into technology there is no need to specify where BIG DATA is heading and right now if you are an expert in BIG DATA tools like Hadoop, Saars etc. you have multiple 6 figure jobs lining at your door step.


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