Features to look for in a Work Management Software before choosing one

Managing workplace; if you are a team lead or ever had the opportunity to manage a team, you will certainly know that it is never an easy task. Team management is not about simply being updated on what goes around the team. Be it client interaction and support or project delivery. Managing tasks is always a tedious task. And from assigning tasks to suitable associates and assisting them on any queries to receiving work updates regularly; work or team management never comes easy and being head of a team, there is hardly an easy day at work when you can simply chill out at your cabin.

So how have managers and administrators managed to deliver tasks at the correct time overseeing all hardships? They took to the decade old procedures – to be on foot all day, getting in touch with every team member and receiving regular updates on every team activity in person or at their email inbox. But being an administrator does not exempt them of their duties and they had to figure out additional ways and put in more effort to complete tasks assigned to them. And with organizations operating from different locations and remote employees these days; work management is not as simple as said.

The recent bloom of the smartphone and mobile application industry came with the perfect solution to all managing disasters with an instant messaging like app – work management software. With the software, organizations were now able to give their employees a personalized instant messaging like space for their organizational communication needs registering at which, team leads and managers now have a much simpler way to stay connected to their associates and receive work updates.

Wonder how? Read on.

Working as simple as any instant messaging app, these software initially require users/employees to register at them and create profiles of their own mentioning their designation, contact details and more. Once registered, users can choose to create groups and adding employees to it or join existing teams and have a conversation with the whole team whenever necessary from anywhere. These software facilitate instant private messaging as well. From providing instant notifications and listing out recent activity, these software come with all features to keep a team conversation as instant as possible and to keep all members of the team updated on all team activity. And as for transferring files, these software allow users to exchange any file from a simple text document to even video presentations.

With the increasing demand, there are now dozens of work management software in the market and choosing the best one might come as a challenging task. Here we have listed out a few features you should look for when choosing an instant messaging software to employ at your organization.

The first and the foremost feature to look for is the software’s capability to keep all your organizational conversations as confidential as possible. Will anyone with just an email account be able to register at the software and join the conversation? Or does the software have a set of criteria that users have to fulfill to be acknowledged and allowed to register at the team chat platform? Go for software that comes with secure features and allows only your employees to register and join your organization’s group chat platform.

Be it instant sending or receiving; with no knowledge about the message received, the software becomes almost useless in making a conversation instant. By providing notifications on all messages, users can always be updated on any team activity and join the conversation right away. A software providing instant notifications on every activity at it is the one you should go for.

Easy team management features are one major element that the software should possess. From adding new employees to the team and removing old ones to assigning tasks and receiving regular work updates, the software should make team management so simple that managers won’t have to be on their feet all day anymore to deliver the desired product every time.

Will employees favor a software that they have to log out of every time they have to send a file in different format or from another software? They would rather prefer using the same old email systems won’t they? The software you choose should possess features to support file transfer in all formats.

Go for software that provides a user friendly and interactive surface so employees would have an interactive platform where users can share documents and get necessary feedback from their team members right away.

This is another feature that the software should highlight so employees favor this platform and not the regular e-mails. Easy file search. Making referring old documents and presentations not a pain in the neck anymore, the software should come with features that allow users to get to a file or message shared at it days ago right away. Just a click and users should have instant access to the file.

In addition to these highlighted features, there are quite a number of simple features like status display, personalizing file editing and features for private messaging that the software should be equipped with.

With so many features and uses; these software have their own drawbacks as well.

They aren’t built exclusively for one organization but are a common platform where organizations can register and have a personalized space for their communication needs. And these work management software do not come for free. Though employees had no charges to pay for using the software, organizations are required to pay hefty amounts as regular subscription charges for the number of employees utilizing the software’s services. The larger the organization the more they had to pay.

And yes; these software have made communication more simple and instant. But the subscription charges are always a drawback. Will all organizations prefer deducting a hefty sum from their budget regularly so they can have a faster communication platform?

Not really.

And as the solution to help organizations get rid of those subscription huge subscription charges, they now have the option to purchase the work management software GroupRocket with which organizations can have a complete instant messaging app and website exclusively for their organization’s communication requirements. With all necessary features and supporting multiple platforms and devices, this software comes as the perfect replacement to emails that organizations can choose and have a personalized platform exclusively for their needs; for FREE!!

Interested in starting a business providing a common communication platform for various businesses? You can very well choose GroupRocket to build your business on.

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