Searching on FirmSee Is How You Will Find Information about Companies

Say you want to know the address of your local Google office to pitch them a startup idea they can’t refuse or maybe call and tell them about your hurt sentiment at the weird doodle they posted or find out the name of the local Director so you can friend him or her on Facebook…whatever your reason FirmSee can help you out!



On a more serious note, businesses looking to partner up with other businesses need all the assurances before going ahead with the tie-up and they can start by searching on FirmSee. It is the largest online search platform for finding valid details on businesses, entrepreneurs, schools and banks from all over world.

Alina is the co-founder and CEO of FirmSee with masters in English Philosophy and Spanish Culture. Madhu is the CTO and has Degrees in Computer Science and IT and believes that the far reaching impact of  technology can inspire innovations that can positively change societies. On technical plans for the platform, she says, “Given the massive size of our database and the constant update it needs to present users with valid information, we are scaling our server architecture over to MongoDB which will ensure better search performance.”

FirmSee has a collection of over a million companies, schools, banks and more. They provide these information in local languages and plan to expand further in Europe and USA over the next 6 months with new business partners.

The service is free, try it out.

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