Berufy Helps Match The Right Employee To The Right Employer!

Let’s be honest, how many of you reading this are really happy with your jobs? One of the common complains I often hear from my friends and family is on how much they hate going to work, on how they dislike their working environment and on how it is not offering them any substantial growth both economically and intellectually.

Remember there are two sides to the coin! It is not just the employees, but even the employers that most often suffer on a business front when they hire a candidate who is unfit for the vacancy. Employing a wrong person for a post can leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

Thus to solve this rampant problem, we introduce you to Berufy! Do not mistake this for any other ordinary job portal as it takes job hunting up a notch. This platform is unique and impressive and works on an algorithm that helps employers and job seeks get matched automatically. With Berufy, one no longer needs to worry about finding the right job or employee.

Berufy Helps Match The Right Employee To The Right Employer!

Meet The Power Team!

Ideated and co-founded by Maxim Kahlert and Nihal Thamby, Berufy is here to match jobs with candidates best suited for the task.

Nihal works as a senior web developer in London. He is equipped with long-time international experience in electronic engineering, IT, network security and is an expert in various modern web development languages. He is CTO and master of the algorithm used at Berufy.

Maxim Kahlert works as a designer in his own company, Startupface in London and helps start-ups with branding, graphic-/web design, user interface and user experience for mobile app and online software. At Berufy, he is responsible for branding, management and communications.

The team also consists of two other members – Sebastian Ruhl and Frédérik Neust. They are ones that are responsible for the really cool online marketing, content and social media strategy.

The X-Factor!

Berufy is Germany’s first job platform with automatic matching algorithm where employers and job seekers automatically get matched. The matching process is not only based on job information, education, experiences and skills, but also on personal characteristics. In this way, this platform makes sure that employees fit perfectly in the existing team of the company both personally and professionally.

The Problem It Is Solving!

Most of the employees don’t feel comfortable in their current job position and work environments. This leads to an enormous economical damage for companies every year. Further it is really difficult for companies to find good, suitable employees fast. Small companies don’t have the resources to invest a lot in HR and big companies burn a lot of money for that. Well, Berufy was founded to change that.

Berufy Helps Match The Right Employee To The Right Employer!

How Does It Work?

After publication of an open position and the following automated matching process, employers get a list of matching candidates. They can see the exact percentage of how each candidate fits to their open position and they have access to all their profile information, including CV and characteristics. In this way the employers can save a lot of time and costs. No search for ages, no expensive adverts or expenses for recruitment companies.

The Driving Force!

“In our own previous careers we both have had the luck that we’ve always worked in companies were we’ve matched perfectly with the required task and existing team on interpersonal level. Unfortunately this is not what the majority feels like in their work environment. At most of the new hires, the interpersonal level and personal characteristics are not minded at all (of course, often also due to cost reasons). We’ve met a lot of people and friends who were complaining about their jobs – there are too many people who don’t feel comfortable in their jobs. Besides we know out of experience how difficult it is to find good employees as a company. So we decided to help people and build a solution”, says the team.

On The Challenges Faced!

The team bootstrapped and buildup a lean start-up as they didn’t want to accept funding before they could prove their idea is working and prove there is product-market fit. Because of that, their biggest challenge was time management and prioritizing the most important things. Every time the team met, they would get ideas for new features and optimization. Thus it was really hard for them to hold back and realize that they cannot do all at ones.

Further, as for many start-ups, another big challenge was to spread the word and let people know about the product. Fortunately, out of experience, the team can rightfully say that as soon as people get to know about them, they like the idea and start using Berufy.

Berufy Helps Match The Right Employee To The Right Employer!

On Contenders!

The market of online job platforms in Germany is very large with lots of potential. However, this market is also very competitive. There are several established companies such as monster, stepstone and jobscout24 but in general there is a lack of innovation in HR in Germany. Internationally the trend develops more and more towards job matching. With its job matching system, Berufy offers a significant additional value compared to all other existing job platforms.

On The Road Ahead & Intended Users!

“We are totally focused on the German market now and aim to serve an expanding share of the 40 million people who are economically active there. Once we are established in Germany we plan to expand to neighbor-countries such as Austria and Switzerland and we are keen to attack the Asian market as there is a lot of potential in the HR industry”, says the team.

At the moment, more than 40 million people in Germany are economically active. Of these, almost 7 million people are searching for more work and more than 4 million people are unemployed. For the beginning, the team is focusing on Germany but long-term there is a lot of potential in expanding to other countries as well.

The Monetizing Plan!

Berufy is completely free to use for job seekers. Employers can use the platform for free as well. They can also publish an open job position, use the matching system and get a list with matched, potential candidates. The employers can access the candidate’s profiles and see all of their information and even download their CV. If the employer decides to contact the matched candidates he needs to pay a small fee to reveal the contact details of the matched candidates.

In short, Berufy is here to make both the employers and the employees happy. With this one no longer has to worry about being stuck in a job that they do not fit in!!

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