Knock Out Those Multiplying Calories With Fittr!

Fitness is the love towards one’s life, so make it a lifestyle not a duty! Having a fitter way of life adds spruce to your being from tip-to-toe. It rejuvenates the body, mind and soul all together. Workout makes you nimble-footed for the entire day while adding values to life.

However, the rat race has pushed us away from the call to take healthy moves. It drains away the virtue of determination and strength. What if I tell you that Fittr is prepared to motivate you for a healthy life by sinking into your existing lifestyle? No, I am not kidding. It is calibrated to mould itself at your convenience. The power app shapes you to be fragile and bouncing throughout. So, let’s get started with it!


Fittr is an iPhone app that creates customized workout plans based on equipment and time available, fitness goals and exercise style preferences.If you want to be trained like an athlete or just shape up, Fittr autonomously creates sports conditioning programs. It has all the potential to get you back to a time when you felt strong and confident.

Fittr guides users through the workout session with a voice-coaching tool. It allows you to pause workouts in process, increase or decrease the intensity and switch exercises if you have an injury or can’t complete a given exercise. Users are illustrated by showing pictures and descriptions for every exercise. They are also instructed on breaks to take and how many reps and sets to complete.

I have waited so long for something like this and now it’s here!

Meet The Dynamic Team!

Tyler Perkins, Nolan Perkins, Seo Townsend and Kiki Schirr are the co-founders of Fittr. Tyler is a born athlete. He is a certified personal trainer and has been training high school athletes for over five years. Nolan, brother of Tyler, is a great UX designer.

Seo has been a professional developer for ten years now. He is one of the few people  who successfully created a neuro-cortical super computer, which powers Fittr. Kiki joined later.He is responsible for all press, customer service, and social media marketing.

“We feel proud to be able to help people, get healthy anywhere and with any equipment they have.” quoted the co-founders.

The biggest challenged faced while the makings of fittr, was the sophistication of the neuro-cortical super computer, which powers Fittr.

The Much Needed App!

Did you know that one of five deaths in USA is due obesity. Moreover, disease like cardiovascular and diabetes are nearly epidemics. The burning question is how to wipe it off.The religious habits of dietary intake and exercises is needed to prevent these illnesses and can help people live longer, happier and more productive lives.

Mind you! Fittr is not another gimmick that promises to help people lose X amount of weight, rather a lifestyle change to help people get healthy. Many people want to get healthy and are too intimidated to ask for help or go to a gym. Fittr edifies and empowers people to get ‘hale and hearty’ in a comfortable way. The services facilitated by Fittr are similar to a personal trainer with prices that is only a fraction to their high hourly rates.


There is a close competition between Fittr and other health apps like Daily Burn, FitStar, Workout Labs, 8Fit, and Gain Fitness. However, none of these offers varieties on exercise styles, versatility of at-home or gym workouts. Fittr has an uniquely customized programs. It tracks everything you do in Fittr and will gather body metrics from other wearable devices like Fitbit or the upcoming Apple watch.It does so by comparing your body fat percentage, resting heart rate, fasting glucose, and blood pressure to your progress. This  creates a clear and proven path for a healthier lifestyle supported by big data and a personal touch.

Work In Progress

The 2.0 version will soon be launched with the enhanced UI. We can expect a universal web app as well. The web app will enable anyone with a smart phone to have the same quality Fittr service that only iPhone users are having currently.

It is striving to be integrated onto the Apple watch to be one of the first fitness apps to excel on the new product using a unique idea to track your intensity based on active heart rate readings during your workout.Fittr is a comprehensive way to get healthy because nutrition is the most important aspect of getting healthy.

It is also working on to entice with the small number of companies and organizations for corporate wellness and employees benefits. This will lower the health care costs of employees and regain their productivity.


Fitness Freaks!

Fitness is everybody’s call. However, the study says ( fitness fanatics are 62% women and the 25-34 year-old age group over-indexes 41% compared to the average mobile consumer, and the 35-54 year-old group over-indexes 47%.

Fittr offers a week’s free trial before being able to pay for a subscription plan. It charges  $3.99 a month for a year’s plan, $5.83 a month for 6 months and $7.99 for a single month plan.

Hurry! the first 250 people to tweet @Fittrapp with #teamfittr or #bestfitnessapp will receive a month’s free subscription for Fittr.

P.S. It’s @Fittrapp in Tweeter not @Fittr!

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