No more boring forms: Typeform

Forms are tedious, maybe even a bit annoying to fill out.  But they’re also very much necessary for many things.  And the task of creating the form itself can also be quite redundant and boring, especially when you know that half the respondents will anyway leave something or the other blank.  But Barcelona-based startup Typeform wants to revolutionize the ways in which we create and fill out forms.  It’s not as if there aren’t already other services which exist for filling out and creating forms online, but the usual boring format can be off-putting and often suffers from low completion rates.  But Typeform’s vision is not to simply assist in creating forms for various purposes, offering a variety of customizable templates, but rather to make the whole process of creating and filling forms a bit less dull.  Perhaps even fun, along the lines of a game.


In the words of the founders, Typeform “is about making forms more human, easy, and beautiful.”  The idea apparently came to them when doing a project for a toilet company, and now Typeform includes major ventures such as Airbnb, RedBull, Adobe, and the New York Times among its client list.  Typeform cites a 55% completion rate for their forms, which is actually a fairly significant number so far as form completion goes.  Aside from Google Forms, Typeform competes with the likes of  Formstack, Wufoo, Survey Monkey, and SurveyGizmo.  But in addition to forms and surveys, Typeform has expanded its outreach to academic circles, and thus teachers and professors can use the service to create lessons, quizzes, and exams.  In addition to these, users can also create interactive stories, single questions, and character quizzes, and Typeform even makes online checkout pages and order forms.  Essentially, if you have an idea for a form of any kind, Typeform can help create one that also grabs the attention of its audience.  Given the broad variety of forms that one can create on the site, Typeform targets a wide range of people – marketers, entrepreneurs, designers, HR managers, healthcare managers, developers, and researchers, to name a few.

Typeform essentially runs on a freemium model, meaning that most of the services are free, but Pro users get some additional features.  And for StartUp Dope readers, Typeform is offering a coupon for 15% off their Pro plan, valid for one month.

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